Monday, 20 April 2015

Bookmarked #18

"Imagine if men were as disgusted by rape as they are by periods" - I know this was last month but in case you hadn't seen it I had to share! This woman is writing feminist messages on pads and sticking them up around her city.

UK to designate largest protected area of ocean

Waitrose is now cruelty free!

Maisie Williams on voting in the general elections. - she's dead right about younger generations getting no respect and I understand it's because older generations have been set in their ways and don't think change is good. As she also says though, our future has been kicked in the teeth. People still seem to think being a student is an easy lifestyle. It's fucking not. I'm poor, already in debt, and possibly will be still unemployed. Oh and the environment is fucked up beyond belief and all the old politicians will be dead before shit really hits the fan. It's not as fun being young anymore and we deserve more respect, after it's us who'll be looking after you when you're old and can't take your own trousers off...

The Food Babe blogger is full of shit - I'd never heard of this "food babe" before reading this and now oh wow am I mad. And before ya'll start telling me to support other bloggers I'm telling you she is blatantly ignoring science and taking advantage of people who will believe antything BUT science and fact to profit. Pleeease educate yourselves!

Why the Battle of Hogwarts was changed for the film!

Kate Parker takes fab photos of her awesome daughters which you might have already seen but I had to share it anyway as something that caught my eye :)

Oh and some more photos of empowering women! - this time of women on their first day as a mother!

New treatment being tested to treat anxiety - I've been waiting to see some research on this!

Let me know if you read any of these and what you think, I've found all of this pretty interesting! I especially love the two buzzfeed articles of empowering photos of young girls, and women on their first day as mothers. 

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Happiness this week is... #39

Lovely Maeve's kind words about me and my blog in her post Bloggers I Love. Go have a peek! Thank you again lovely!

Smashing through revision and coursework... kind of... I think... I feel like I'm flailing trying to keep my head above water but I'm doing the best I can! The pomodoro technique which I talked about in this student life post is a lifesaver!

Changing my nose ring for a lil spiky stud. Yay! I've had the ring in for so long now and honestly I think it's a bit too big. I picked out a few cute little studs 'cos there was a deal on :)
Super exciting news! My big little sister started a blog! It's called Imi in Pink and she's already got a few posts up, including an OOTD and some photos from Rome (I'm so not jeal...).

Wearing shorts, in the sun, finaaaalllyyyyy. Which my Slovenian housemate laughed at me for because English people.

Having very understanding and supportive friends aahhh :) 

Getting ready for the day with this perfect morning yoga video from Adriene :) ahh I feel so rested!

Oops I've included four links in this post! I wasn't asked to include any of them, obvs. It actually is super exciting that my lil sis started a blog too! And Maeve's blog is awesome so you should already be reading that. And yoga ahhh. I never got it until I tried yoga with Adriene on youtube. I get it now! How are you this week? Any good news to share? :)

Friday, 17 April 2015

MH || upping the dosage

I went to the doctor for a check up appointment yesterday, almost four weeks after starting sertraline for depression. I told him about how fun the side effects were (if you like not being able to stand up without falling down again or forgetting what you needed when you go upstairs) and that they've made me feel pretty flat and have some extreme downs. I haven't felt myself which has been not nice. I miss how passionate I usually am about errrything. That's all just gone to dust now! 
He decided to up the dosage from 50mg to 100mg *gulps* because I wasn't seeing any positives from it yet so hopefully this will change something. He did say the fun side effects might come back oh goody I can't wait...

FYI the actual 100mg pills are twice the size of the cute and tiny 50mg pills (yes I just called an anti-depressant pill cute and what?!) does anyone know if they get eeeven bigger when you go up to 150mg?? 'Cos the Dr already told me we will probably want to up it again at some point *more sarcastic enthusiasm*. I really don't want all my energy drained again I have waaayy too much work to be getting on with for that!

In other news I joined a bloggers support group on facebook for invisible illnesses! Which is amazing and I have already had great advice from them *hugs for yous*. Have you any experience with anti-depressants? Or side effects from any medication really!? I haven't before now, that I can remember anyway. Let me know if you...think these posts are good? I can't really say enjoy can I? Is that weird? Do you enjoy me writing about my illness? Ahah well hopefully someone will find interest or comfort in it! Lots of love xo

Thursday, 16 April 2015

OOTD || chunky knit cardigan & floral jumpsuit

chunky knit cardigan - hand knitted by my nana || jumpsuit - Topshop (old) || converse
It was really windy yeh? I love this cardigan. It's huge and chunky and warm and my talented nana made it just for me! I'm sure everyone in the family has at least one of these (I have two...) they're sooo much better than the poorer quality ones available on the high street - which always cost a ridiculous amount! The jumpsuit was one of those things I was desperate for. Probably purchased the last time I had money *sobs*. It's soo comfy and easy to wear. Even though it was deffo too windy to wear it that day. The sun fooled me.
So maybe not the perfect outfit for that day... but I won't be held under all these layers any more! I need summmerrrr! What do yous think of jumpsuits? I used to hate them but now I can't understand why I ever did, I'm far too lazy to actually choose two separate items to go together.