Monday, 5 October 2015

Instamonth #September

popcorn and dark chocolate for movie night || i like yellow flowers || Sharp Objects
last summer outfit || vegan coconut balls || vegan coconut balls with cocoa powder and melted dark chocolate
the beach never gets old || new kitchen wallpaper! || double necklace kinda day

I've become fully vegan this month, apart from a couple of packets of quavers that apparently have milk powder in them... I've made a few bean burgers (they're actually damn easy), a BBQ pulled sweet potato burger, and those coconut balls of yum in the pics. Just three simple ingredients and they came out perfect first try! They didn't last long - best eaten hot out of the oven with jam! The second time I made them I split the mixture before kneading and added cocoa powder and kneaded it in that instead of flour, it worked really well! And melted dark chocolate perfected them. Vegans aren't all about salads ya know...

I can't believe I've been back in Portsmouth a month already. Everything's in full swing; I've written 2,000 words of the first draft of my thesis, I got a job working at the football club, and today was the first day of truly bad weather! It has been so warm and sunny most days, and then today it poured. Winter is coming.

How has your September been? 

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Happiness this week is... #54

Sunshine! It's been warm enough to spend time down at the beach, just lying in the sun, I haven't done that in like three months!

My new blanket cape. OMG guys, I'm obsessed. Why did I not try one on before?! I think I thought they were too 'on trend' but it turns out I can even make a blanket cape look slobby. 

Catch up chats with friends. One of my closest friends is going on her placement year abroad now so I've been a bit sad since saying goodbye. We attempted to do a good deed and donate blood, I've had my first appointment booked for weeks, turns out even when you turn 20 there are weight limits. Huh.
Straight. Up. Chillin. I haven't had this long a break in ages! Probably since last summer. It's only been a few weeks break but it's been enough to relax and settle back in (although I still keep looking the wrong way when crossing the road).

Getting organized! If there is such a thing as a professional organizer (I'm pretty sure there is) I would be amazing at it. It seriously feels good though to be ready and organized for starting uni tomorrow! 

So that was my week, how was yours? 

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Etsy Love

Dammit why can't I have all the money in the world (Geri Haliwell style) to buy all theee cute and geeky things on etsy! Did you know a staggering majority of etsy sellers are women? So I am making it a point to support these women. Here are five of my favourite etsy sellers...

1. Rachel Ignotofsky - a designer and illustrator, I particularly love her Women in Science prints and posters, like this Jane Goodall one. She also sells t-shirts and pillows featuring her designs.

2. Jam Jar - came on my radar a year or so again, though I am still yet to make an order! Her puppy and kitty nail transfers are my faves.

3. Snark Factory - I obviously love the obvious feminist quotes in pastel colours and hearts! Squee! There are so many things and designs to choose from as well, I couldn't possibly pick a favourite, I think my first order from them will be these fuck the patriarchy ear rings.

4. Charming Sushi - for all you geek girls out there! So many pokemon accessories, I wasn't even a big fan but I still want these pokeball ear rings! I could also totally go for these Deathly Hallows ear rings.

5. High on Hemp - OK so this shop don't have a very personal 'about' section so I don't even know if the founder is a woman! But it's one of my faves and I actually purchased this leaf charm anklet from them two years ago and it's still going strong despite how much wear it's had!

Recommend me your favourite etsy shops please! I'm always wanting to follow more :-) 

Thursday, 10 September 2015

World Suicide Prevention Day || Making an Emergency Plan

Suicide is such a delicate subject, but I guess that's what we need to change. So we can actually just talk about it. Instead of getting awkward and tongue tied for fear of saying too much, or the wrong thing. Although I have experiences  relating to suicide, it's still not something I can easily write about. But this World Suicide Prevention Day the theme is Reaching Out and Saving Lives. And I want to do my part. I've actually been thinking of starting a support group on facebook for my area, but I also want to volunteer for the Samaritans. And also Beat Bullying, an important cause to me.

Making an emergency plan

In some of my many leaflets and work sheets I picked up from my counselling sessions (a lot by the way, it seems I'll read anything) there were plans and tips for when you are feeling suicidal, and for a person helping them. I've actually only just remembered that I made a little emergency plan quite a lot of months ago, written on paper in green marker, stuffed away in a book. I think I threw it away when I didn't need it written down anymore.

If you have ever had suicidal feelings, or to harm yourself in some way, it's just overwhelming, so much so I don't think I can explain it. It's not something that is easily explained, ya know, science doesn't fully know yet so how should we?! But if you ever have, you know what I mean. And if you still do, if you sometimes do, or if you do right now, you might want an emergency plan for when you need it.

My emergency plan went something like this

1. Wait ten minutes. Then see if you can wait another ten minutes. Then maybe more.
2. Find Max, text, or call. If not another trusted person, preferably who lives nearby.
3. Call Samaritans 24 hour helpline
4. Call emergency services

(An extra tip from my mam, something she told me years ago, is to wear an elastic hairband around your wrist and ping it when you feel like harming yourself).

Your emergency plan can go something along the lines of my one, with emergency contacts (who you should show this plan), emergency services and Samaritans or other local helpline. You might have other tried and tested techniques, or have heard of some to add to your plan, you could even share in the comments below. Write phone numbers for helplines directly onto your plan, and even for your emergency contact. Write it simply, make the plan of action actually contain actions, not 'think about how great life is' , but actual breathing techniques, numbers to call, people to sit with you, watch a twenty minute episode of something and then evaluate again.

Helping someone else

I have found directing trusted friends to good articles and official advice on how to help someone else (Mind: Helping someone else) a great way to have someone who knows what to do and how to take care of themselves. Joining a support group on facebook for bloggers with invisible illnesses has also been a great support and comfort. If you're not a blogger though, you might find one for your area, or for your university, or company.

If you need someone to talk the The Samaritans have a 24 hour helpline, and you can also email if you don't need immediate help, something I have used in the past and found very helpful. Here are some further links about World Suicide Day and Suicide Prevention.

Samaritans - Volunteering at the Portsmouth Branch
Samaritans 24 hour helpline - 08457 90 90 90 (UK) 116 123 (ROI)

Reach out to someone and take of yourselves today xo