Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Newness || textbooks and a treat!

A fiver for two hefty textbooks?! Errr yas please! Abe books is the best website for cheap textbooks, ordinarily these would cost something like £70, and even second hand can still be expensive. No this post isn't sponsored, Abe books is just another student lifesaver, like the book How to be a Knowledge Ninja that I am continuously banging on about (though I was asked to review that one-probably the most excited about an email I'd ever been!), and I would like to share it with you!
I bought Practical Techniques of Biochemistry to help with my practical techniques, duh, mainly because when I go to France I'll be working full time in a lab so I want to make sure I am prepared when I arrive! It will also carry me through to next year and is apparently still great for students doing their masters or PhD. The other textbook I bought 'cos why not at that price?! 

I also decided to treat myself to the Cupcake Lush facemask. Which I was gonna do a beauty review on but... naaaah, so let's do it here! It smells yum, feels so refreshing, and leaves my skin soft and clean and not irritated and red! I think that's all you need to know? If you've been here a while you'll know I've had some bad luck with Lush products, especially their facemasks, but I reckon I'll be buying this again one day. Not regularly, I don't see how some students can afford so many products, but I understand the temptation!
I was also very kindly sent some more face masks to review by May Beauty which I haven't tried out yet simply because you leave them on for 45 minutes and I just haven't had the time! They sound intense and kind of scary though... I'll let you know how I feel about them in a few weeks.
I feel very very spoilt at the mo with all these! And the matcha tea that Tea Pigs also sent me to try for their #MatchaMay campaign. I made a smoothie with it but used rubbish orange juice so it tasted so bitter bleh. I'm sure you guys could come up with better recipes for me! Any of you tried matcha tea or like it? Let me know some things I can do with it!

Let me know if abe books comes in useful to you, I hope I've let some of you in on a secret you didn't know before! And I'm sure you can finally die happy knowing that I found my one true facemask. Have you been doing any shopping recently? I try to avoid posts like these so I'm not tempted but I feel sufficiently treated now! Lots of love xo

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Happiness this week is... #42

Shall we just say that one day I'll get back to posting early morning again instead of hurriedly trying to write this post on a Sunday morning?! I suppose it's a blessing in disguise 'cos I need some cheering up at the moment, it's been a pretty crummy week, amirite?! The majority of people I've spoken to seem pretty outraged by the Conservative win, and the people I have spoken to who voted Tory... well they're all people who came from backgrounds like me. Rich, white, privileged, and from a wealthy area, e.g. Sussex or Surrey, where I'm from. I'm totally privileged, my parents' are comfortable enough that they can still afford to help me out, and they might have to in the future 'cos I don't see how anyone my age will get anywhere in the UK without a huge leg up from parents' or people they know. It's always the people you know isn't it?

I'm still depressed about it though. Not gonna lie I had a little cry when I heard the news... and my first exam came as a welcome break on the 8th, honestly, best two hours of my week. I can't see how people like me are supposed to carry on as though the more vulnerable, those without someone to give them a leg up, are sacrificing their lives to save the economy? Why isn't it the privileged who are also making sacrifices? Like why are big businesses having their taxes lowered but 15,000 people froze to death in their homes just this winter in the UK because they couldn't afford heating? I feel ashamed to be part of this country right now... and as I've seen from a lot of people I'm seriously considering emigrating (another thing; why are foreigners who move to the UK called immigrants and treated like shit, but when white British people move to another country they are 'expats'?) if things don't improve by the next election.

Sorry for the dark intro there but it's something I had to address. As always though, happiness can be found in the darkest of places, if one only remembers to turn on the light.
Despite the Tory win, the compassion and care, and anger I've seen about it gives me hope. We will not let this happen to this country. If you find yourself feeling down about this election, think of all the people outraged, all the people who DO care. You people, who care, you're amazing, and we're keeping each other going.

Chocolate and pizza. I finally understand comfort food. Never been my thing but I've never spent so much time cooped up inside revising haha (Biochem is haaaard guys!) and chocolate and doughnuts are my rewards.
More cheapo treats yay! 
As I mentioned, the exam was the highlight of my week, hopefully I'll have got a decent mark in it!

Seeing the new kitchen we'll be getting next year! We decided to stay in the same house, the four of us, and our landlord is replacing the kitchen! New fridge-freezer, worktops, oven, everything! And I am more excited than any 19 year old should be about kitchens.

Our landlord also bought us a new shower head, yay!

More pampering with facemasks and properly massaging moisturiser into my face. It's the little things I am clinging to during the stress of exams and anger at the election. Just taking some time to myself has been great this week.

How has your week been? Did the election result affect you in any way? If you voted Tory please don't comment trying to convince me how amazing they are, I will believe that when I see it! If you wish to comment, just tell me how you're week is going :) xo

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Student Life || study playlist

As my life is basically just studying for exams now that's all the inspiration I have, and I know lots of you are also going through exams, so I thought I'd share what I listen to when studying. I personally don't think that music with lyrics in it and a bouncy beat helps me study at all. That's the kinda music for getting my energy up to go out. I always just end up singing along which really doesn't help my concentration, or memory.

Instead, I like to listen to slow and easy music, either a playlist on spotify, they have playlists for every mood which is great for discovering new music, or an album. My favourite album to listen to while studying is the soundtrack from the film Amelie. One of my favourite films, and one of my favourite film soundtracks! It's on spotify so it's super easy to find and just play all the way through (and thanks to Maeve's help I was able to install the playlist into this post!) so you can see how you like it! Let me know if you like this album, I've listened some more of Yann Tiersen and haven't quite made up my mind, it's quite different. This album is deffo my fave!

Do you like to listen to music while studying? I know some people who find pop music or anything else more bouncy does help them, it just doesn't work for me! Gimme your best study tunes (stuff like alt-j always welcome). xo

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

WORLD FIRST! Genetically modified human embryos!

Genetically modified human embryos. Is that going too far? It seems that support has risen in favour of using genetic modification to cure genetic diseases. I'm sure you've heard by now what I'm talking about, a team in China used a method called CRISPR/Cas9 to edit the genome of human embryos. Watch this video for a better understanding of how CRISPR/Cas9 works (and heck, the video's pretty).

The embryos were donated and permission was given for them to be used for this purpose, and the study complied with ethical regulations. There are a lot of people out there who don't agree we should be genetically modifying anything, but they tend to be people who don't know much about it and they assume it's bad because big bad money driven companies are using it for their own benefit. What do you think? Should we be doing this in human cells? Being capable of doing this also raises another ethical question - designer babies. Will it get that far? Could it be regulated so that it's only used against diseases? What other potential problems will come up though? There are so many more questions that need to be answered, and for now, I think we're doing the right thing, we're not getting ahead of ourselves yet.

25th April was World DNA Day to celebrate when Watson, Crick, and Franklin, and a few other men, published papers on the structure of DNA. It was also World Penguin Day so fun fact; penguins are black and white like that for camouflage in the water, from above they blend it with the dark water, and from underneath in the water, it just looks like a reflection of the sun!

Hope you found this interesting! Let me know if you'd like to see more science here :)