Sunday, 10 July 2016

Instamonth #June2016

In June I got drunk too many times and panicked about the future approximately a gazillion bajillion times. Which you mighta guessed from my last post. I'm a bit of a mess right now. Despite feeling so lost I have had a good month! Finishing uni is a huuge weight lifted! Massive congrats to anyone else graduating this year, and good luck to those who are continuing with their studies *pours prosecco*.

I spent my 21st in London with my family and boyfriend to see The Lion King and to eat yummy veggie/vegan food at an amazing veggie/vegan Indian restaurant right around the corner from the Lyceum theatre called Sagar. If you're ever in the area you must go! Service was impeccable, food was delish, and it wasn't expensive at all, especially for somewhere in London.

Lissie on stage at IOW festival || hair is NATURAL || festival selfie
another festival selfie || vodka and flavoured cider? meh || Arundel
True American Portsmouth style || #tipsy... || 21st birthday with these dweebs

Blogging right now is so much effort and I seem to have forgotten how to do it. I've been scrolling through pinterest for tips and my brain is saturated with them (so's my Blogging Tips board)! Now I actually have to implement them. Well actually first I gotta decide if I reeeaallyy wanna continue with this. I maaaybe want to get into a routine of posting once a week. I have all these ideas and start them but get bored early on and want to start something new. How do I just get on with it and finish something?! Even a drawing!

Gimme your best motivational tips in the comments!

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Thoughts on Finishing Uni

Can I just be wrapped in a blanket and fed grapes and capers forever while having my hair stroked? Like FUCK I don't have the energy to improve my CV, or to start dealing with rejections, or to decide what I want to do with my life really.
think I know what my plan is for the next few years but who knows it might not go that way, and then what?

I haven't even started looking for a job yet. I'd say I've been busy but like I've been busy getting drunk...but that's what you're meant to do right? Please don't start telling me how much earlier I should have been looking for jobs, I have been, I just haven't found anything I can apply for yet.

What if I never do?! 

I'm going to be graduating with a 2:1 in biochemistry. Not quite what I wanted. I at least wanted a first in my 3rd year project, something I gave up everything for and still fell short. Another thing I'm too average at to really excel in. Now what?

If nothing else I have learnt that people and this world are pretty shitty where we can't be our true selves safely. I've also learnt how men really can't let go of their egos. It would be hilarious if those sort of men weren't also the sorts abusing women. But I've also learnt that I don't have to put up with that kinda shit. I'm my own person, I can say no, even if it's not what they want to hear, if it's what I want, that's what matters. 

My plans for the immediate future are to pack up and move home while also updating my CV and trying to figure out what jobs I could apply for and whether I actually want to do a masters or not or if I just wanna move to France... 

Anyone else just finished uni and struggling to know what to do? If anyone has been in this situation before as well I'm sure the rest of us would LOVE some guidance! ;) maybe even a cheeky guest post? Ok I'll stop pushing it.

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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Instamonth #May2016

Ooft. I know it's not May anymore, but it's been a long ass month, or two. Or years who knows, I'm bloody knackered! Who else has finished exams for the year? We all deserve a damn break.
sunny day at the beach || sunrise || cous cous salad @ southsea beach cafe
aftermath of my 21st party || surprises || cocktails
new socks || pre-final exam selfie || beach walk selfie

The first half of May was spent revising and taking my final exams, then the second half was spent partying, as was most of June too! And enjoying the sun! Although that seems to have disappeared now *sadface*. We tried eating somewhere new in May, Southsea Beach Cafe, which is directly on the beach as the name would suggest with a stunning view of the sea and the Isle of Wight. We went twice actually. They only have one vegan option which is a cous cous salad and I'm pretty sure they made it differently each time, buuut I would still go back for a cheeky drink like their prosecco and passion fruit, and a jar of olives!

How are you all doing? X

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Saturday, 14 May 2016

Instamonth #April2016

Ok so it's two weeks into May I know but I actually love putting together these posts so I don't care how late it is! I've realised how much they show me the good things that have happened in the past month. Something I can look back on when I'm feeling low.

I hope you liked the guest post brought to you by Cristina last week, uni has taken over my life, as expected. Science is what I want to do with my life I think... I'm so close to finishing now! One more exam... then I'm gonna sleep for like a week. I'm not posting as much to instagram or twitter as well as here, obvs, I just don't have time or energy to, but I've been updating sporadically and according to my insta it's been a good month!
me as Tinkerbitch for a Disney themed 21st || all hail vegan pizza || funky 80s night out
bedroom at my parents has been redecorated finally! || dissobitch || me if I was a watercolour of Rosalind Franklin
soya cappuccinos getting me through disso || graveyard walks || newish reads

Remember the painting of Rosalind Franklin I shared? Well now thanks to Snapchat you can see what I'd look like if I was actually a painting of Rosalind Franklin. Thank you shapchat for bringing light to these dark days.

The books were new reads like a month ago... but I've now read them all so can highly recommend! My mam and sister bought me the Happiness Is... book because I'm a miserable bitch they know uni is stressful and are always cheering me up! Bigger thank you to my mama for always being there for me! The Lovely Bones is a ... depressing book for lack of a better word, but it is. I liked reading it though. The Kind Worth Killing is awesome! You think from the blurb, and the start of the book its about one thing but then it all goes to shit and you're like WHAAAT IS HAPPENING?! It was better than many of the thrillers I'd read, but still not the best.

I finally said goodbye to my dissertation/project. Over a year of work and its gone, in 5,000 words, a poster, a CD, and a presentation. The two months spent in the lab in France doing the actual experiments was by far the best part!

I hope you're all having a lovely May, miss you all, *hugs*

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