Thursday, 5 March 2015

OOTD || black & red velvet

hat - Lazy Oaf c/o asos || jumper - Topshop (old) || velvet shorts - Topshop (also old, like I can afford Topshop anymore)
thigh high socks - asos || creepers - Underground @ Urban Outfitters (old too)
This is probably my favourite hat. I have so many hats but always seem to end up wearing this one. It's warm and stays on my head. I've started wearing what I call my "fancy creepers" lots more, which is good 'cos for some reason I've hardly worn them! I wore them in my last ootd as well!
My housemate taking the photos told me to stick out my leg so he could see the stripes on my socks. So I did this. And now you are seeing this so I apologise deeply to your eyes. But they're nice socks.

Are you a hat person too?

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Pros and Cons of Being a Vegetarian

Ages ago I wrote a pros and cons of blogging and I really enjoyed putting it together, so I thought I'd think of some new things with pros and cons. One of the things that sprung to mind was being vegetarian...
.Having to explain what sort of vegetarian you are. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or pescetarian. If someone sees you eating something that doesn't fit with what they think a vegetarian eats you gotta explain. Surprisingly few people have known what pescetarian means in my experience. And too many people seem to think that you can eat chicken and be a vegetarian? "...but my dad and my uncle both eat chicken and bacon and they are vegetarians...".

.Having to explain whyyy you are a vegetarian/vegan/pescetarian and why you are not vegetarian/vegan/pescetarian/meat eater/don't like cheese. For some reason our diets suffer a lot more scrutiny than any other type of diet!

.Everyone expecting vegetarians to love cheese. Vegetarian option? Sure, lemme just drown it in cheese sauce and grate some more cheese on it and garnish it with some cheese. We don't all like cheese all over everything. Also not all vegetarians like mushrooms. I do, but I know many who don't. Just putting that out there!

.Having to put up with people picking fights with you over what you eat. Honestly, it could not be more boring. We've heard it all before. Every. Single. Argument. We especially love the "but where do you get your protein from?" concerned act.

.Being judged for caring about animals/the environment/your health and then being accused of judging other people for eating meat.
BTW soy milk tastes way better than dairy milk. Especially in tea.
.People say vegetarians/vegans have less varied diets, but that's not the case. Becoming vegetarian, and starting to wean myself off dairy too, has led me to discover so many more interesting meals and combinations. It lets you branch out and seriously what is more boring than having meat with veg every single night?!

.Not always the case, but usually you are more conscious of what goes in your body and where it comes from if you are vegetarian/vegan, so you naturally end up being healthier. So that shoots down the "vegetarians/vegans are unhealthy" argument.

.When you find other vegetarians/vegans/pescetarians you immediately have experiences to bond over. How and why, the first time you ate tofu, whether you like quorn or not, and all those asses who keep judging you for being vegetarian/vegan/pescetarian.

.The animals' welfare. And no eating meat is not caring for animals welfare and I have a web page for you to go to if you try any of the classic anti-vegetarian/vegan arguments.

.The environment! Most people know this by now but yes eating less/no meat can help the environment, and typically I think people who care about animal welfare generally care about the environment too. To keep this short and sweet here's a link if you're not sure what I'm on about.

If you're a meat eater reading this please don't get all butt-hurt. And don't even try to lecture me  on what is healthy and what isn't. Bit of light hearted fun and facts that have come from my personal experiences, I did write a more serious post a while ago on Alternatives to Animal Testing if that's more your thang. Share your stories guys! Any ridiculous comments for being veggie? At school "friends" used to put bits of bacon or whatever dead animal was being served that day in my blazer pockets. Funny how people will target you for any slight differences from the norm.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

My 5 Most Used Apps

Aside from the extremely obvious... instagram, twitter, bloglovin', blogger, facebook...

1. Afterlight - you've probably seen a million bloggers suggest this, and I know that can make me skeptical, but honestly this is so worth the 79p! I actually prefer to edit photos on this if they were taken on my phone rather than upload them to the computer to edit.
2. Calender - one that comes with most phones! I couldn't live without it though. It has my uni timetable synced to it and so if I'm making appointments or meetings or just planning study I always fill it into the calender on my phone.
3. Buffer - this was another relatively recent discovery of mine. Also available to use on the computer. Buffer is where you can schedule multiple tweets, so a very good tool for bloggers who want to promote their work more but don't have time to be constantly tweeting during the day.
4. Moment - the only other app apart from Afterlight that I paid for. It's kind of ironic, it tracks how much time you're spending on your phone. Which I really needed 'cos I was spending my time glued to my phone. It works as long as you keep it on haha, sometimes when I don't want to be reminded 'cos I'm having a bad day I switch it off... and I'm spending a lot more time on my phone because of the next app...
5. CLASH OF CLAAAAAANS! Not the first time I've mentioned it on the blog (I mentioned it in my last post). It's a game, it's free. You basically build up your camp, collecting elixir and gold battling goblins and other clans. I'm not sure if there are higher aims than that, there probably are, but I don't know them yet 'cos it's still early days!

Do you use any of these apps? Are you as reliant on some apps as I am? I think it's great that I can carry around a calender in my pocket! And I don't have to even think about tweeting if I'm busy! And I love a good war game.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

This week happiness is... #33

Finishing one bit of coursework! Yay! And it's handed in too so totally done. Just got one more bit for now plus an exam.

Going to Wedgwood Rooms for the first time and seeing King Charles! So lucky I checked who was playing last week 'cos I wouldn't have forgiven myself if I missed King Charles. He's even better live, the crowd was awesome, and Wedgwood Rooms is so nice as well, I prefer places like that that are more intimate than bigger venues.
Three for a fiver on rekordilig ciders at Lidl. Yes this was a highlight of the week.

Inglourious Basterds. I'd never watched it before this week when I watched it with my housemates. I loved it, it's such a great film! So gory, but that's Tarantino so should expect it haha. Always love Tarantino films, the shots he uses bring so much more to them.

Buying new bed sheets and a candle from primark. Uh huh, buying bed sheets is a highlight. I am officially old. But they're leopard print and awesome so I can't wait to wash them and use them!

Pitta bread and hummus, need I say more?

Dying my hair dark purple, yay! I've had two boxes of the dye waiting for ages and my housemate and I finally both had a free afternoon to dye it. I never dye it myself so all appreciation goes to her for dealing with my hair! There is a lot of it making it sooo hard to dye, as my housemate said "it's like you're wearing a blanket on your head"!
Clash of Clans. I've been sucked in and now that I've been sucked in I just want to be the best. I'm too impatient with games, and this one requires a lot of waiting for enough gold or elixir to be collected.

And how are you guyyysss? I'm sorry I haven't been keeping up with everyone or commenting, or even reading blogs, I've just been swamped with coursework! After next Friday I have a week of no coursework so I plan to catch up on everything then! Finally, it is Self Injury Awareness Day (#SIAD) today and I just wanna say ignore the close minded people who tell you it's selfish, easier said than done, but there will always be at least one person who will understand, and there are more people than you think who have gone through/are going through something similar, or if not, people who will try their best to understand and do right by you. Hold on to them xo