Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Instamonth #June

Glow in the dark balloons! || my new BFF || ice cream on my birrrthday
Nantes is so green || work || pimms 
got my hair did || Sunday morning || cosy bed

Well June has actually been the most crazeeey month. I mean I turned 20, left Portsmouth, moved to France, started work experience, and passed second year Biochem! and it's all gone as smoothly as I could have hoped! It's been one of the best months of my life to be honest! I had probably the best birthday ever, was so chill and I spent it with my faves and face timed my family. Then I got to spend a week with my fam before coming to France.

And I've made a new BFF. The dog, he's called Dragster, and he loves me.

How has your June been? :-)

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Happiness this week is... #48

Having the laziest Sunday everrrr. I needed it, I've been non stop since I got here so today I stayed at the house and chilled in the garden, napped, drank a lot of tea... and not a lot else! Nothing is open here on Sundays, not even food shops so I can't even buy a donut (I'm on my period OK, major donut cravings right now).
Look how majestic...
...or not!
Having this cutie follow me around the house every day! I always seem to make such strong connections to dogs haha and this one is such a soppy one! I took him for a walk this week when I felt better and as soon as I picked up his lead he was running around the house and literally jumping in circles! Was one of the funniest things I've seen a dog do!
I had a croissant and a pink macaron yesterday! (Btw, know the difference between macaron and macaroon - they are two very different things!) It was yum. And right now I want a donut with pink icing and sprinkles.
 A little bit of chilled shopping! It's so hot so I bought some new shorts from a cute shop, and I checked out an art shop, a Nantes goodies shop (apparently butter biscuits are a local thing here? So is everything made with the sea), and they really love the Irish here! There was this Irish shop and I've seen at least three Irish pubs, one of which does some classic hearty Irish pub food, I will be going there to eat!
 Discovering less busy shopping places, I think this is the vintage type quirky road I was trying to find, but not much was open on the Saturday. It is actually mostly quirky bars and oriental shops which I love! Plus a cool gaming bar called Game Over, a shop selling homemade African bits and bobs, like clothes and jewellery, and also tea! Speaking of I found a tea emporium hoping to find some decent English tea, nope none of that, but I was given a tester of the most refreshing cold infusion! I have to return for more!
Finally, finding the cathedral! Isn't it magnificent?! I have to keep using that word 'cos everything here is magnificent! I think you can go inside but I didn't 'cos I was trying to find a shop that sold sunglasses (literally nowhere except high street shops like H&M). I'll go back for more photos because this is just the front, the rest of it is just as grand!

I also had a cracking week at work, but obviously don't have any photos! My French is already improving, everyone at the lab is so lovely and easy going! And I've been left to do lots of lab work myself which I wasn't expecting and I love it! I also love knowing where everything is so I can just get on with things.

Today has been the laziest day, which I've needed! I think next weekend I will go to a museum or to see the mechanical animals! Then the following weekend I am doing something so very fucking exciting! So exciting I had to swear! How has your week been? Please link me to your latest posts, I have a lot to catch up on so am trying to read recent ones first as I don't have time to go so far back yet! Don't worry though, you'll all be getting a rampage of comments at some point ;-) xo

ps, sorry for all the exclamation marks!!!

Friday, 26 June 2015

Listen to me

I feel a bit down about something I've realised. Well, it's something I kind of realised before but now I've really noticed it.

If I express a strong opinion on something, for example feminism or vegetarianism, I get quite shouted down, and nearly always by men. Rarely young women like me, but men my age, ones I'm friends with. And I see them having similar conversations with other men, but in an entirely different tone, and this is what I'm upset about.

They have much more decent and thoughtful debates with each other. In a 'debate' with me I am constantly put down, told I am being unfair, or arrogant, simply for expressing my own opinion on something, usually in a facebook status! For example, the dog festival in China. I put as my status that I hoped people campaigning for it to stop were all vegetarians/vegans, because I don't see why humans should be allowed to pick and choose which animals it's OK to torture and kill and which ones it's barbaric to torture and kill. And don't give me that 'we need meat to surviiiive' 'cos it's BS. I was basically saying can people just admit to themselves that they're OK with animals being killed and tortured for their enjoyment? Because that is why most people eat meat, because they enjoy the taste. Unless there is an illness that requires you to eat meat or you will die, if there is do let me know.

Immediately it was two guys, friends of mine, who jumped in telling me I was unfair and being arrogant about morals. I won't go into all the points of the arguments, they did have some valid points (and some very invalid ones such as 'we need meat to surviiiive') but it was the way in which they were talking to me that got me so upset. They very clearly didn't like that I was expressing such strong opinions, yet I know if I was boooyyyy (sorry) the tone of the conversation would have been very different.

Of course it isn't only guys giving me flak and being rude, but one difference I've noticed is they must always have the last say. Even if it is a silly comment such as 'kewl' or 'k bye'. And even if I am making valid points, I am still always going to be saying 'unfair' things in their eyes, because I'm challenging their beliefs. Do they not deem me important or intelligent enough to have a mature debate with?! Or is it their precious egos?

I guess I wrote this because despite how happy I am with my life and with myself at the moment, things like this are always getting me down. I just don't get it, it's like because I stand up for what I believe and have strong opinions they want to shut me up. Well... good luck getting me to do that!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Nantes || Le Château

I thought I'd start this with the best photo, in my opinion anyway! Welcome to Le Château des Ducs de Bretagne! Isn't it bloody breathtaking?! I was in absolute awe when I stumbled upon it. Yes, I actually did stumble upon it, though I'd been planning to go at some point anyway.
I'd been exploring some shops in town on Saturday and walked past a little alley way and I could see what looked like part of a castle... I was going to move on and see it another time but I decided to take a quick peek... which turned into a much longer peek haha!

It's free to go into the courtyard and climb up to the top, and the grounds are free too, there were lots of people having picnics or just sunbathing. There's also a gift shop (unfortunately not free), a cafe, and the Museum of the History of Nantes. The museum isn't free but it's only £3-£5 depending on if you're a student or not, which I think is a fine price to keep the castle and it's grounds looking this pristine! I didn't go in 'cos I was too hungry, but maybe next weekend I will go there. 

What do you think?! Isn't it such a magnificent castle?! I'm using really fancy words in this post but this Château doesn't deserve anything less.