Monday, 23 November 2015

At Home Spa Experience with MayBeauty

My housemate Ressa and I like to paint our nails and use a face-mask at the weekend. Her epilator has even found a permanent home in the living room for now. Usually we buy the cheap Superdrug own brand facemasks (just not the 'cooling cucumber' one, that burrrrns).

MayBeauty got in touch with me again, quite a while ago now, to review their new intensive facemask. I was a bit skeptical at first because I've tried their lash growth serum and it just didn't work... I have quite sensitive skin though, and am prone to many blemishes and blackheads, so I wanted to see if this really was the blackhead, acne, dead skin, and oil banisher it claimed to be!

The tester pack sells for £19 on their website which includes five facemasks, a brush, and a guide. The guide gives info on what foods to eat for clearer, healthier skin, which I read but then ignored... I eat healthily most of the time... And I can't lie, but the brush is a bit rubbish and pointless - when I tried using it lots of bristles came off and got stuck in the facemask, on my face, which made it even messier than it already was!

So while I don't recommend that particular tester pack, the actual facemask is AMAZING (IN CAPITAL LETTERS!!), especially for a peel-off mask. It's very thick and very black, and smells like a spa! It's also extremely messy, but easy to clean up after. You have to leave it on for 30-45 minutes, enough time to paint and dry your nails, then when it's time to peel it off, wriggle your face to loosen the mask and peel!

Not gonna lie, the peeling part hurts a bit. Only a tiny bit! It's quite a satisfying pain - deffo worth it! You shouldn't use it if you have cuts/scabs on your face, which I do frequently (thanks dermatillomania) so I've had to wait for my skin to heal a few times before using one again.

After using one facemask my face was super soft and fresh - no dry dead skin, deffo less blemishes, and a big difference in the visibility of the blackheads that usually scatter my nose. Maybe my skin would stay that way if I actually followed the tips in the guide...

Bottom line is - this is the best facemask I've tried, and perfect for achieving a full on home spa vibe! And it might seem pricey as you have to buy in packs of at least five masks, but price per facemask? Not at all bad for such an effective home facial.

This post was written for MayBeauty and they supplied me with a tester pack of five facemasks to review. All opinions are my own.

Have you tried any MayBeauty products? 

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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Happiness this week is... #56

Knowing that my loved ones are all safe and well. I counted my blessings and gratitudes this weekend, and really tried to live in the moment and appreciate all the small things, sometimes they're all we have to celebrate.

Hot showers with intense Lush ocean sea salt scrub, rehab shampoo, and bubblegum scented shower gel from Superdrug - I felt like I was in a spa! Giving my body a good scrub with the sea salt really helped wake me up and get going.

Making more vegan food! This week cous cous, red cabbage, broccoli, and courgette were my go to ingredients to throw in the pan for a quick and tasty meal. It also makes damn good leftovers (just add seasoning and all the soy sauce).
And on the subject of yummy food... food shopping was a major highlight of this week (it's been a bad week OK! But hear me out...) with an online ASDA shop being delivered, aaaand a huuuge 24 hour Tesco has just opened up across the road from us so naturally we had to take a trip there... I bought mulled wine and flowers!

Those flowers that I bought in Tesco - they have really brightened up the house! I separated the bunch into three and stuffed them into empty bottles we had left from the boys birthday, so some are looking regal in a champagne bottle, some in a gin bottle, and a few little ones in a smaller Rekordilig cider bottle in my bedroom. All empty bottles ofc, and looking much fancier than they actually are.

Pie & Vinyl (yes more food). If you're ever in Portsmouth make it your mission to go here. It's half cutesy pie-tea-room, and half vinyl shop - hence the name... They have three vegan pies on the menu, and a few vegetarian ones, and gluten free so they really cater for everyone! I had the Notdog (haha) pie with vegan mash and gravy. Already can't wait to go back!

Fireworks with friends. Aww. The mulled wine had just run out as we got there, and it was windy af and cold, but we treated ourselves to Pinot Grigio and watched Gunwharf's best fireworks show so far, in my honest opinion!
To end the week we had a relaxing Saturday spent mostly sleeping in bed (until 1pm!!) and watching Community. Sunday didn't count 'cos I had work at the Football club, and let me tell you, there is absolutely nothing good about working there.

How are you this week?

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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Instamonth #October

birthday shots for the birthday boys || neon pink barrym lipstick || grey forever
morning at my parents' house || chocolate vegan brownie || hello kitty
organic pure cotton veeda tampons || red lipstick || did I mention I made chocolate vegan brownies?

I wore lipstick twice this month! I actually think it was more than twice 'cos I've worn that red lippy out a few times recently. Sometimes, when I'm feeling ill and crummy I like to dress my face up a bit more than usual. And I have lots of lovely make up which I shouldn't waste!

It was my boyfriend's and housemate's birthday near the start of October, so naturally we went pub for birthday shots and pool. And I spent a weekend at my parents' for a late celebration of my dad's birthday - we went out for a walk in Tilgate park and for pizza. It was vegan pizza for me, don't worry ;-) I'm not doing too bad with the whole vegan thing so far! I created a vegan banana brownie recipe by chucking some things in a blender, and they turned out delicious (I actually have another batch cooling in the kitchen right now).

How has your October been?

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Saturday, 31 October 2015

OOTD(s) || Nantes

I rarely post OOTDs lately... so here, have eight!

A rather compact view of some of the outfits I wore in France. I just couldn't get used to the weather! And occasionally working in a super cold lab while it was sticky hot outside made it hard to choose what to wear. I thought I'd only brought reeeeallly summery things, but not summery enough it seems! I had to go out and buy shorts! And two vintage skirts (actually I wanted to buy them) one of which I'm wearing in the top left photo, the bright block colour midi-skirt. I never thought a midi-skirt could suit me, but a high-waist saved me again!

I wore the floral playsuit a lot, I'm sure I also wore it with tights at some point over the summer, not always bare legged like in these photos. I also wore tights with my denim dungarees, and wore either my silver t-bars, pink runners, or my tie-dye vintage converse (cool points for me). My full length jumpsuit was a saviour for labs! It was light enough to keep me cool outside, but covered my legs and then my lab coat would cover my arms to protect me from the cold air conditioning in certain labs.

And obvs there's that one all black outfit that sneaked in.

I know I ought to be posting about 'fall trends' but I basically wear the same things, only with more layers and socks... does your style change much with the seasons or not?

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