Sunday, 27 November 2016

How to Write a Graduate CV That Will Get You Noticed

I spent at least a couple of weeks working on my graduate CV before applying for a single job. I've had many positive comments from recruiters so far, and It's helped me secure two jobs since I started applying.

I have no idea if I've updated you on my work life, I'm sure I told you all I quit that previous job. Less than two weeks after quitting I had secured another job which I've been at for three weeks now and I fucking love it! The difference in my mental health is incredible. No more panic attacks every day, instead I look forward to going to work! So clearly my CV is working quite well for me, I have Ryan and his own business On Point Recruitment to thank for making my CV so appealing! Which leads me into my first tip;

  1. Hire a CV writer
I swear it's so worth doing this and giving yourself the best possible start. CV writing is not something many of us are truly skilled at. Bigging ourselves up is a toughie. There are plenty of options for CV writing out there, some might be quite basic, others might be far more detailed and personal, like Ryan! When I first met Ryan I had a (very) basic CV and a list of experiences I wasn't sure were relevant. He was able to pick out skills I would have picked up and used by listening to me talk about my various experiences.

Now that I've done it the once and have picked up so many tips from him, I don't reckon I'd need to hire a CV writer again. Soak up as many tips from them as you can 'cos they know what they're talking about! 

  1. Be honest
Duh. Don't lie on your CV, you will get caught out! I can't believe some people so blatantly lie on theirs, it's laughable! Apparently, the most told lie on CVs is that they can play the piano.... I mean come ooonnnn! If you're gonna lie, at least make it interesting (no don't, seriously, just don't lie). You will always be asked for more detail about points on your CV in an interview. Don't get caught out!

  1. Include jobs you think were shitty
For example... I flipped burgers and served hot dogs and drinks to rowdy fans at Fratton football club and nearly didn't include it. If it wasn't for Ryan I wouldn't have! See, hire a CV writer. Best tip! Ryan told me it shows important skills, including compliance and knowledge of health and safety regulations. In the second interview I had for a job I got, I was informed they wanted someone who had worked at a shitty job, just like mine at Fratton FC.

  1. DON'T include...
Words and/or phrases that say you are punctual, hard-working, and passionate. these things are already expected of you as a bare minimum. 

  1. Have a small hobbies section
My feedback from one interview was that I took a while to switch on and open up. Once asked about this blog my eyes apparently lit up and I smashed it from there! They need to see the more human side to you, they need to see your passion come through. It doesn't need to be a long section, the shorter the better really! Just include some interesting hobby you have and when they inevitably ask for more information about it, you have something you can very easily talk about!

Let us know in the comments below what are your top tips for writing a graduate CV!


  1. Oh! Excellent advice! Unfortunately, I haven't found your blog earlier cuz, I already ordered graduate work on this website . Next time I`ll use your advice! And I wish you success!

  2. I feel this is relevant to anyone not just graduates, I thought I had a half decent CV but this has given me so many more ideas on how to improve it, so thankyou! Interesting to know the most told lie is playing the piano, who would have thought!

    Claire ❤ | My Little Memoir

  3. Thank you, I'm glad you found it useful! :) I know right! It's an odd one haha xD xo