Wednesday, 7 September 2016

A Weekend in the New Forest

Every weekend we try to have something fun planned, duh, I hear you say, that's what weekends are for. Max has just joined the working world and I'm on the job hunt so we are very new to this. People seem to think students are lazy and don't understand what it is to work hard and what the "real world" is. (Where have I been until now then? Fucking Wonderland?!)  Sure, first year is like one big party but get to second and then third year, studying consumes you. You don't get evenings or nights or weekends off. You gotta work right on through them. Unless you're one of those annoying people who are so smart they don't have to study as much... ahem not me.

When you have a 9-5 you get to come home at the end of the day and switch off, you get to spend weekends doing things you love! I'm not saying its easy, I'm saying don't assume it's harder than studying for a degree, they're just different types of hard. Of course, it's all probably very different if you work from home, or run your own business. I imagine it's hard to switch off and fully take the weekends off when you work from home. And let's not forget our weekend retail workers, I was one of you once, I salute you!

My point is now we are in quite a set routine of working and completing tasks during the weekdays, but we get to have chill evenings and weekends! So, my original point was that we like to have something different to do every weekend, but also save one of the days to be lazy.

For the bank holiday weekend, we stayed in a cute wooden lodge in the New Forest with my family.

We arrived late on Friday night, got ourselves checked in, and went to bed in the cosiest wooden lodge at Shorefield. It's close enough to walk to the beach, which is what we did on the first day! After a long lie in of course...

We walked along the deserted seaside until we found The Needle's Eye cafe where we stopped for a quick snack. The only downside was the absence of soy milk so Max and I couldn't have a cuppa! Honestly, all we did was walk that day, then rest for a bit back at the lodge before going to The New Forest Inn for dinner. DAMN I would recommend that place to anyone! It's a B&B if you fancy staying there for a few nights, and it's dog-friendly too! The staff were so lovely and helpful, picking out exactly what I could have that was vegan, which was only the vegetable samosas with bombay potatoes and mango chutney but oh my stars, they were the best veggie samosas I've ever had!

On Sunday we headed to Bournemouth for another beach walk! It was fucking freezing and windy but damn it's pretty there. Also, no one told us you have to pay to get onto the pier, I've never been to a pier you have to pay for?! Obvs, we didn't bother then and walked back to find another cafe for the all important cuppa (this place DID do soy milk).
(That place on the right is where we got our cuppa but I can't remember the name. Only that it was also dog-friendly and the food smelled delicious).

I don't have any tips or reviews for you here, as is the trend in blogging now. Gone are the days of simple photo diaries! But fuck that, have a photo diary of the New Forest 'cos it was the first time I used my camera in ages, not just my iPhone camera, and I really fucking like the photos.

Have you ever been to the New Forest? What are your favourite parts of it? I'd love to know for my next trip!


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! I love heading to the beach!

  2. I love reading these types of posts (a lot more than reviews actually) so yay for photo diaries! I live near the new forest so definitely recognize Bournemouth but I've never been to Shorefield before - it looks really pretty! x

  3. I went to the New Forest when I was a baby, but haven't been since. I would love to go next year, health permitting. There's just so much to explore and I really enjoy that. Hope you had a fantastic time away xx

    Tamsin |

  4. Why have I never been to the New Forest?? Dog friendly-good. Beach-goooood. Looks amazing and your pictures are completely gorgeous.
    And yup, studying is fucking hard! Good luck with the job hunt dude
    M X

  5. Looks like a wonderful weekend. I do love a dog friendly beach though this is a bit far for me and Seb
    livinginaboxx | bloglovin

  6. I live in Bournemouth and it is definitely shit that you have to pay for the pier, it's free sometimes (basically when no one's around). Loved the photos, bugger the 'trend' of reviewing I love a good photo based post. // Twitter // Instagram

  7. These are beautiful shots and yay for photo diaries! My whole blog is a photo diary so I'm always happy to see others shunning the general trends and just enjoy blogging *high fives*. I haven't been down to the coast near the New Forest but the area has always been one of my favourites, because it's so pretty. Lovely, thanks for sharing! - Tasha

  8. It was! I miss living close enough to walk to the beach every day! :(

  9. Yay not just me who enjoys them then! Ooh you lucky thing! It was so deserted and peaceful, we only saw a few people!

  10. There really is! We're already hoping to go again! OMG maybe we should do a blogger holiday at Shorefield where I stayed, and all stay in the wooden lodges together :') it's so idyllic!

  11. You absolutely need to go! You would soo love it, so would the dogs!

    Thank you so much :') I actually got offered a job on Monday and already start this Monday, bricking it!

  12. Ooh lucky you! Oh cheeky they only sometimes charge haha, beggers!

    Thank you, I'm so glad you liked it :D

  13. Aw thank you, it was the first time I used my camera in aaaages, I had so much fun with it. Photo diaries are my faves :D

  14. Mine too, it's just nice to share images that will make someone else smile or inspire them in some way with something, and I find it a fun way to document things too.