Sunday, 25 September 2016

5 Best Things I Love About the Internet

According to some people, we are rotting our brains with all this screen time cough bullshit cough. Obviously sitting down in front of a screen 24/7 isn't advisable, and there are unquestionably downsides to the internet (hello constant comparison to other peoples' lives). I'm only just really enjoying blogging again, like actually enjoying it! I've suddenly found the mojo to write and properly comment on other blogs. The beauty of the internet means we can get to know people from anywhere in the world with similar interests to us!

Ok that was meant to be my point number one and now it's just turned into a long ass introduction, lemme properly list some things to love about the Internet...

  1. ALL THE KNOWLEDGE - you can learn so many things from a simple Google! Which some people need to get acquainted with and stop asking others to do their research for them... ahem. Most of the research I did for my third-year project was done using the internet. All accessed for free. Kind of, some of it I could only access 'cos I was a uni student, but there are many scientific papers available totally free so there's no excuse really. Biochemistry was obvs my thing, but you can actually learn ALL THE THINGS from weird facts about serial killers to creative tutorials (check out Skillshare if you haven't yet), and makeup tutorials on youTube which didn't actually exist when I was younger. Count yourselves lucky young 'uns if you didn't have to go through the Maybelline dream matte mousse phase.

  1. Easy access
     - the internet is nearly everywhere now. You can't find a coffee shop without free wifi now (as if Internet cafes used to be a novelty)! Even theme parks have free wifi and encourage you to share your experiences on social media! I would be lost, literally lost, without being able to access maps on my iPhone. Maybe that's a bad thing, I still think it's good to get lost sometimes. But deffo not when on your way to an interview...

  1. Easy to discover new music
     - when I was younger new music came to my ears only through the radio or my Mam's CD collection. YouTube has an endless supply of music, some people still 'undiscovered' by the masses. Spotify is my forever friend, especially the suggestions it makes based on your playlists! Or the various playlists made by other people you can find to fit your mood. I've found so much music I'd never listened to before through Spotify.

  1. Long distance friendships/relationships are somewhat easier
     - I know they'll never be easy, and there's nothing quite like snail mail, but sometimes that is just too slow and we want to see each other's faces. Skype and FaceTime are your forever friends. Seriously. Not only those but twitter, facebook, and blogging all make it easier to keep up with each other! Most of my family live in Ireland, I sometimes only see them once a year, but thanks to facebook I can keep up with all of them and see my younger cousins grow in the time between my visits.

  1. Internet humour
     - without the internet, we wouldn't have all the various types of Internet humour which can make me laugh for daaayyyys. Just check out Jenna Marbles if you need some full-on Internet humour. She gets it. YouTube videos, vines, GIFs, memes, the lot, they make my life. 

We all need Internet breaks and digital detoxes now and then, but let's be honest, we should all be a lot smarter with all this information at our fingertips. How lucky are we?! Is there anything else you could add? What do you love about the Internet?


  1. I love this post <3

    And internet humour is my favourite humour.

  2. Oh if only people could grasp the concept of "googling it"....

  3. Thank you, I'm glad you liked it! xo

  4. I know right! Annoys me so much like no your time is not more important than mine is, google it yourself!