Wednesday, 10 August 2016

What Vegans Eat In Portsmouth

Possibly because it's a student city, Portsmouth ain't too bad for eating vegan. The well known smile cafe in Portsmouth is entirely vegan, somewhere I've never actually been so someone go and try it for me!

Some places will offer a vegan menu (thank you Las Iguanas, even though I've never eaten at you either), some offer a few, and some offer only one (looking at you Beach Cafe with your sad Israeli cous cous salad and not even vegan chips cos they're cooked in fish fat. Not even your location directly on the beach makes up for this). I haven't eaten everywhere in P-town so I'll list my fave vegan options at places I have eaten!

Pie & Vinyl
An obvious choice for the top spot. Famous in Portsmouth and surrounding areas for its large choice of pies, including separate veggie and vegan options, it also functions as part vinyl shop. It's small and cosy, like eating in your grandma's kitchen if your grandma was a hipster, sipping earl grey tea or elder flower and apple cordial (or one of the other gazillion flavours of tea or cordial). As well as vegan pies they serve vegan cakes, which I've unfortunately never tried as one of their pies with the vegan mash, mushy peas, and onion gravy leaves me full to burst! They change their menu so what used to be my fave "not-dog pie" with vegan sausage and onion gravy inside is now a "not-dog BBQ pie" including a BBQ sauce and sweet corn with the vegan hot dog inside. I think I need to shut up about pie & vinyl now...

Aka Wetherspoons. Wait, don't judge me! They have very limited vegan options, jacket potato or burrito, but oh my stars if you've never tried the burrito do it, DO IT NOW! I had it again recently and split it with my boyfriend 'cos it's a fuck load of food for a very empty stomach or two people. While you're there order yourself the Aspall Suffolk cider, it's vegan and delicious. 

All Bar One
Glad I can include one of the fancier places in Gunwharf Quays! I haven't been to many of the restaurants there, but I bet some will have vegan options. The ones I know will cater to vegans are Pizza Express, Las Iguanas, and All Bar One, where we went for a fancy(ish) dinner after my graduation. All Bar One has TWO, yes TWO vegan options! I tried the Miso rice bowl which is full of veg with a soy and sriracha sauce. There's also the superfood salad but most places seem to have that as their only vegan option so I'm a bit sick of "superfood" salads now.

Zen Chinese
Fancy ordering in? Zen Chinese is quite new and is straight up the best Chinese take away I've ever had. There are so many vegan options! From Thai green curry to many choices of tofu with various sauces with rice noodles or rice. I miss this take away already! Unforch there aren't any decent Chinese take-aways OR restaurants near where my parents live *wails*.

Do you have any recommendations for vegan places to eat? Or vegan options at "normal" places? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Ah man, pies. I love pies.

  2. I'm not vegan (or even vegetarian) but I WANT that pie!! It looks amazing!

  3. Yum! That pie looks DIVINE! xoxo, emily

  4. Same. I so miss the pies at Pie & Vinyl *wails*

  5. It's delicious! I can't say I've tried any of their vegetarian or meaty pies, but I guess they'd be good too :) the vegan pies are well worth getting though!

  6. Oh it was haha! Sad I've moved away now, I will forever miss Pie & Vinyl.

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