Friday, 5 February 2016

Instamonth #January2016

sunrise or sunset || self appreciation selfie || another stunning dynamic sky
the clearest of skies || sister selfie! || we made vegan pizza!
tea & shopping looking at things we can't afford || NYD beach walk || fam

Its been a month of beautiful skies (here, and here) and not a lot else, but coursework. Yawn I'm so boring. I should really start writing about other things instead of my non-existant life. I guess I could actually tell you about my coursework but you'd probs be bored outta your skulls. You didn't come here for a Biochemistry lesson! Still, I've been prepping for an interview based on the content of a poster I made on gene identification in schizophrenia and the use of genome wide association studies, all part of my grade. AND I've been working on a presentation based on a research paper about nucleosome arrays and FRET. It was fucking hard to understand but once it clicks, it clicks and stays there. 

I managed to get away for a weekend to Ireland for my nana's 80th surprise birthday party! Caught up with most, not quite all, of the Irish fam, and my parents and sister ofc. It was right in the middle of loads of coursework though so I was stressed af. I'm pretty glad to see the end of January now, I bet lots are, I've not been sleeping or eating well (the vegan pizza was delicious though), and just generally don't have the will or energy to do anything but sleep or watch Supervet while I'm not studying.

You're probably sick of my complaining about coursework, and that I keep saying you're probably sick of it, how do I know what you're thinking?! It'd be lovely to catch up though and hear what you've got up to this month - link me any monthly posts for me to check out!

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  1. So that first paragraph means NOTHING to me - well done you for managing to get the hell through that last month!
    I've been busy revising and taking exams and eating a bit better and hanging out with spaniels. The usual.
    Have a bloody brilliant February, maybe with more vegan pizza - that shit looks goooood!
    M x

  2. Sounds like you've been working hard - the stuff you study may as well be in a different language to me so you're super smart! Glad you managed to get away for the weekend, I hope your nana had a fun time at the party! x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

  3. My colleague did a bunch of work with FRET and for the longest time I thought she was calling it "the Fred Assay" since we also had a colleague called Fred and it's not the first time they'd called something the "Fred method" - then one day she wrote in on a powerpoint and I had quite the "Ohhhh" moment.

  4. Thank you lovely :') my brain is mush haha. Yay spaniels! Furbabies make everything better :') I can't wait to go home to my parents and meet their new furbaby!

    We had vegan pizza again last night with courgette and tofu on it! xo

  5. Ah bless you, thank you :') I've always been averagely smart but work my fecking ass off haha, knackered now. Only a few months until I finish uni for good! She did thank you! She was delighted, and emosh bless her, everyone cried! My poor mam haha she's such a weeper :')

  6. ahahaha the Fred assay :'D sounds more interesting than FRET which is boring af bleh. By the way I got 68% on the schizophrenia poster - thank you so much for helping me! xoxo