Wednesday, 24 February 2016

5 Blogs You Should be Reading to Become a Better Ally to PoC

This is not me trying to make you read some of my fave blogs just because. I'm trying to unlearn my racism and become a better ally to PoC, particularly WoC. So with this post I tell you to go forth and educate yourselves too! By doing nothing you stand on the side of the oppressor.

Angry Black Bitch - not so active anymore since the start of Reproaction, but you should familiarise yourself with some of her posts, and articles not only on her own blog like this one.

The Angry Black Woman - amazing site! As well as easy to navigate which is beside the point but is a great help when wanting to read around specific topics. Some great articles for us white women to read: Why do people keep calling me a racist?; Dear white privileged people this post is not about your needs; and Dear white women who think you mean well are good posts to start with.

Black Looks - another awesome site with easy to navigate categories, I'm currently focusing on Racism.

Critical Race Theory - recently read Should White Feminists do Critical Race Theory?

For Harriet - mostly recently discovered thanks to someone retweeting their most recent post You're not 'conscious' if you're a homophobe. I'm currently trawling this site!

Queer Woman of Colour - probably the one I've been reading the longest, so I should be able to link a few posts here, but I can't choose so please go and read as much as you can!
If anyone has other suggestions of blogs or articles written by black women leave a link to it in the comments! And if any WoC have any issues with this post let us know. White women... we need to shsshhh.


  1. Love this - so many useful links and interesting articles, I've already opened up a good few tabs with these ready for some afternoon reading - thank you for these Amber! - Tasha

  2. Thank you! More than happy to share :) xo

  3. No never sssh! I love that there are allies and I think white people need to share their experiences and views more. Supporting is so important. :) It's something I'm looking at more next month!

  4. Too many white women get so defensive when race is the topic though, like "all women suffer" sounds like "not all men" or "all lives matter". I think some feminists are so angry its hard to get through to them with how they can improve :/

    Thank you so much for all your support btw, I so appreciate it <3 :D

  5. 100% adding all of these to my feed. Thank you so much for this post! I would recommend checking out Quirky Brown Love as well. I follow her on Twitter and she shares some fabulous content that always makes me think and realize stuff I hadn't noticed before.

    Katie @

  6. No worries! More than happy to share my faves :) I will also check her out don't think I follow Quirky Brown Love, thank you! xo