Thursday, 7 January 2016

Instamonth #December

diamond ear rings *sparkle emoji* || cocktails || Christmas Day 
reindeer balls || Christmas decs || evening walk at Tilgate park
Hard Rock Hotel Christmas tree || sunrise in Florida || cawwfee

Well, ya know, Christmas happened! And I went to Florida for ten days with my family just before. I feel like I hardly got into the Christmas spirit before it had been and gone! Despite all the decorations and Christmas trees, the 'highs of 30' weather made me forget all about Christmas, it felt more like summer! I'm obviously not complaining... sunny weather is good for the soul, I think, so it was a much needed holiday for me.

Coming home was still exciting cos we had Christmas to look forward to! I managed to squeeze in a catch up with an old friend on Christmas Eve, and to meet her new bunnies (they have ten now, they can't help but rescue those that need a home - my kind of people)! The grand'rents came round on Boxing Day for the usual Christmas feast round two and board games - although we ended up attempting to play bells as an ensemble (no I won't steal a joke from New Girl).

Max came down on the 28th so we had a couple of days in Sussex. We went to Tilgate again for a walk, and ended up having some nibbles and cocktails at smith and western 'cos the cafe was closed. We also visited a wee shop/shopping complex called Trading Boundries and had a cuppa there. We came home to Portsmouth for New Years Eve, in time to go to our friends to watch fireworks from their balcony and ring in the new year together. Max added his own touch to their happy new year message...

What have you all been up to this December? Link me to catch up posts or your own instamonth posts in the comments!

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  1. Christmas in Florida sounds amazing! I keep telling my other half that I want to go away for Christmas one year but he is so used to spending it with his family - I might struggle to convince him! I spent most of December working but I'm looking forward to my paycheck this month so not going to complain :D

  2. I am jealous you went to Florida. I have been doing a lot of study and after exams relaxing in December. :) Love these kind of posts.


  3. Sounds like a great holiday season! I do like the idea of Christmas somewhere warm, saying that NYC was pretty warm for this time of the year!

  4. Maybe go away and come back just before Christmas Day? That's what we did this year!

  5. Forever studying too le sigh. I brought my laptop to Florida with me and continued with coursework etc there, its just never ending! Thank you :)

  6. It's been quite mild in the UK recently too - well not quite like 30s in Florida haha but still! I kept forgetting it was Christmas!

  7. Florida for 10 days sounds amazing! Glad to hear you had a good Christmas and New Year :)

    Carolyn x

    Carolyn’s Simple Life