Sunday, 31 January 2016

Happiness this week is... #60

Being nearly done with coursework, sigh. I think my last piece is due Wednesday, aside from my thesis which I don't think is due until after Easter. After next week I'll have more time to focus on writing my project up and starting revision... BUT its still a relief to be passing deadlines!
Eating vegan pie and mash at Pie & Vinyl for a seriously needed study break. We loooove P&V (get your minds away from those filthy thoughts)! I went for the same Not-Dog pie - its freaking delicious. If you're ever in Portsmouth, you should probably check this place out. Especially if you like pie. And vinyl. And quirky art and objects.
Treating myself to a Sanctuary candle with some vouchers I got for Christmas. I also had to get a new hairbrush 'cos mine died. I'm so interesting that I'm telling ya'll about a hairbrush I bought jeez. I need to get more interesting haha.
Despite being so stressed, all my candles and glowy lights make me feel very comforted. And the brown stone there is some fancy smelly stone, Ambre grise apparently, which I bought in France. It smells heavenly. I have no idea how its kept its smell this long? Do they do that?

I watched a hella awesome film this weekend, which wasn't on my 2016 films bucket list but oh my stars whyyyy wasn't it!? Mad Max: Fury Road was freaking epic. Like, wow.

How has your week been? :-) 

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  1. Nothing better than a good candle to make you feel more calm! MAD MAX IS ON MY WATCH LIST AND IM DEFINITELY LOOKING FORWARD TO IT NOW

    Passion Blog |

  2. and it smells so lucious! YES! Watch it! Its so full of action but amazing - some serious skill and detail went into this film. I mean, its not a perfect feminist film of course, plenty to discuss and debate over, but its a huge leap for action movies!

  3. loved mad max! hope you're having a good week so far :)

  4. I want to go for pie when I come see you in Portsmouth!

  5. I am glad you had a nice week last week! Soon you'll be finished your degree! That is crazy. I love the pictures you have included. It kind of makes me want to light my candles and huddle up with blankets and watch a film.


  6. I was surprised at how good it was! It's OK thank you, too much coursework bleh. Hope you are having a wonderful week too! xo

  7. Oh we will! I'll deffo take you! I need to try the other vegan pies but I always get the same one 'cos its soooo tastyyy! They do vegan cakes too which I've never tried, always too full from pie and mash :')

  8. I can't wait to be finished haha, but also terrified! Thank you! I've done nothing interesting, just coursework, so candle pictures were all I had :P but i also love the cosiness of them <3