Sunday, 24 January 2016

Happiness this week (and last week!) is... #59

Seeing so much of my family in one place for my Nana's surprise 80th shindig - hands down best bit of 2016 so far! We flew to Ireland early Saturday morning with beautiful clear blue skies on the way and arrived an hour later to a soft mist. We stayed with family and had a catch up and lunch (my aunt cooks the best vegan food - and she's not even vegan!) and played with the little 'uns. I've missed my little squishies. The party was Sunday afternoon which was a blur of catching up (and meeting) with cousins, aunties, uncles, second-cousins, great-aunties, and one great-great auntie, food, drink, awful music, and less-awful dancing. Such fun!

We flew home on Monday and I spent the week working on coursework which I handed in on Friday, and couldn't have done without the kick up the bum from Kerri! Despite us skyping about my coursework it made me super happy to actually chat to her and see her pretty face! I caught up with my other brightly-coloured-haired-travelling BFF this week too, she is on her year abroad and is back from France before heading off to Africa! I'm so proud of her and I love that she still comes to visit whenever she's back in Portsmouth, as I will be when she's back here next year and I've graduated! Truly good friends are hard to come by and I feel so blessed to have these two colourful women in my life! Forgive my sappiness.

How's life going for you babes? If you are buckling under the weight of 3rd year like me, don't give up, we're so close!  

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  1. I'm always happy to kick people :)

  2. I hope Ireland was good. The weather hasn't been the best here. :)
    I hope the course work went well. I have had a pretty chill week. I've spent the weekend preparing to go back to Uni which I am so excited for!


  3. I know, that's why I love you :')

  4. It was! So lovely to see so much of my family in one place! I'm used to its weather by now - it doesn't bother me so much! I'm planning a road trip of Ireland with my boyfriend - if you have any recommendations of places we should go or stay hit me up! Aw wow you're only back at uni now?! I started way back on the 4th - already need another holiday! Good luck with your next term :) xo