Friday, 15 January 2016

Bookmarked #21

Better late than never ey... one day I'll have time for blogging again. For now I just don't have the brain capacity. So enjoy bits of writing by other people who are much better at writing on these topics than I am...

The best vegan beers - someone find me the best vegan ciders and I will be eternally grateful and will never complain ever again (but I totally take that last bit back...)

Abortion clinics are burning, but no one seems to care - and in light of recent events it's even more important we stand against this and let everyone make their own choices.

Where are all the female chefs? - despite the fact that 'a woman's place is in the kitchen', apparently only men are actually good enough at cooking to make a successful career of it.

Vegan Shepard's pie recipe from the Vegan Lass - can't wait to try this!

4 statistics that prove we need to teach people about consent

6 common arguments against feminism and how to shut them down

What will humans look like in 1,000 years? - 1,000 years isn't really that long. Let's hope we evolve to be more empathetic too.

Hug hormone oxytocin boosts bonding by releasing cannabis-like molecules - yay!

IUDs and hormonal implants are still unpopular among young women - I still feel wary, I never learnt anything about them. How comes sex ed was almost entirely catered to the boys at school?

6 dynamic women of colour in politics you absolutely need to know

Do you relate to any of these articles? Its mostly feminism and veganism, which I am no way gonna apologise for! Enjoy! 

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  1. The link about human evolution in 1000 years' time was really interesting - I love things like that! Some great looking vegan recipes to try here too. Thanks for all the cool links Amber! - Tasha