Tuesday, 15 December 2015

When the words won't come

GAAHAHH. Not cool brain. Ya'll probably know how much I've been struggling to get back into blogging after my summer in France. And now its nearly Christmas and desperately hanging on by my fingernails. I just tried to comment on someone's blog and I couldn't even do that, like, what the hell?!

Writing has always come easy to me, but yeh... lately... nope. The words just won't come and I don't know why. Like I'll start with a title, or an idea, write about... well, this much, and then get stuck. Lose momentum or whatever. Which is what I feel is about to start happening now so I'm just desperately trying to write without thinking too much. The blaring music in the hotel lobby I'm sat in seems to be helping (Another one bites the dust - Queen if you're interested). 

I spoke to soon, fuck. I'm stuck again. I want to write, I love writing. Is it possible to over-write yourself? For my course I read and write a huge amount, but in a very different style to this sort of writing. Blogging and writing scientifically couldn't be more different. I feel I my brain is just saturated with science and I can't absorb anything else. I've had a few days break from doing any work related to my course, which is bizarre for me. My mam suggested I take a proper break from it, go cold turkey (I hate that expression). It seems to be draining everything else I have, and I miss the multi-faceted person I used to be. Or think I used to be haha. But I used to blog, take tons of photos, draw, paint, read. I really struggle now and just bury myself in work. Is it an addiction?!

I never even finished writing about my time in France, I've barely written about anything since I came back either. I've barely mentioned the C word, or uni. I used to write Student Life posts, which I'd love to write again, but honestly, all I can think of writing is "3rd year is really fucking hard". And I don't even have a point to this post, I just started writing it 'cos I couldn't even write a comment on someone else's blog! 

I've always had a lot of interests and try to evenly spread my time between all of them, which obvs isn't happening at the moment. So I'm desperately asking you guys, my trusted friends, you know who you are, what shall I write about?! Feminism, veganism and recipes, dreams of world peace, student life, music, personal style, self care, mental health... the list goes on... I'm seriously asking you to tell me where to start. I need a prompt.

PROMPTS. Why didn't I think of that before!? Anyone know of a good source of blogging prompts? Or anyone wanna give me their own? What have you read on my blog previously that you would like to read more about? I've had requests for vegan recipes, they'll come I promise! I'm just trying to work on my food photography, which will probably stay awful as the lighting in my student house is appalling. But I can try! 

That's the most words I've written for a blog post in a very long time. Thank you for taking the time to read and help me! If you didn't, you suck, go away. JK. I'm gonna finish here. I'm not even gonna check for spelling/grammar mistakes, just hit publish...


  1. oooh, flies! I love the fly background.
    I think you're addicted! I kid, but you remind me of myself at uni. I did nothing but work at uni because I was obsessed with not feeling depressed, so I worked non stop. If I had free time, I found more work to do, rather than something else. My final year was the worst. By the time I left, I had no hobbies at all. I took up blogging just to give myself a hobby haha.

    You can find blogging prompts on Pinterest, what about photo prompts? Then you can make photo posts.

  2. I feel like everyone has been here before, I get like this a lot!
    Do you have a notebook of any sort to jot down ideas? I am the type of person who does that and I find it does help when I am stuck, and taking a break from the blog every now and again isn't a bad idea. I have felt that I have been awful at keeping up lately too!

    The vegan recipes idea sounds great! You could also write a post on why you chose to go vegan or because it is Christmas, write about what a vegan could eat on Christmas day! Another idea is to try and get other bloggers involved in your posts through guest posts, which could help make your content a bit more diverse. :)


  3. I love your fly background, so cool! I've had these problems before too - whenever I've been away from blogging the energy to get back into it never comes easily. If you're looking for prompts, I did used to try and work my way through some of the 30 Day Challenges when I was on Tumblr - if you Google them there are hundreds depending on what you're looking for, that might be useful? It will come back to you! - Tasha

  4. i'm afraid i probably won't be much help with blog post ideas because i always get stuck on ideas myself...i used to post a lot more but it got to the point where i was just posting things for the sake of it. hope you find some inspiration soon :)