Sunday, 27 December 2015

Photo Diary | Christmas Day

Happy Christmas (to those who celebrate it) and Happy 25th December (to those who don't, 'cos I still hope you're happy, obvs)!!! I like Christmas Day 'cos it's the one day I can just do fuck all and chill, much needed, I feel like I never stop! And I feel like I never stop saying that... 

Christmas Day was just my Mam, dad, Imi and I, relaxing, eating, drinking, opening presents, and setting up new iPhones (which takes bloody ages by the way - probably cos millions were setting up new sims and phones all over the world!).

We got our unwrapped Santa presents early in the morning, laid out in the living room. I got an apple, two satsumas, and a bag of mixed nuts instead of a selection box (next year Santa I'd love some more Pringles...), an elements calendar, and a nerdy mug and matching coaster! That tube you can see in the photo is a "sonic powered" toothbrush... basically electric but a normal shape, and has a lid... Imi and I both got the usual Fat Face pyjamas and socks. I still can't escape it though I haven't worked there in years!
Much gratefulness all around the Davey household this year! I wore my new vegan boots, which I'm sure I'll get into an outfit post soon, and Imi did my make up with her new palette. I hadn't really had time to come up with fancy vegan Christmas recipes, so I had almond butter on toast for breakfast. By next year I'll have some recipes up my sleeve...
You can check out my insta for more photos... Christmas dinner was (eventually) served at about half four, the usual for mam, dad, and Imi, and a wee nut roast for me. I have a What Vegans Eat post coming up soon if you're interested in what we eat at Christmas! And Imi can't help herself from jumping into every photo I tried to take... look at her cheesy ass smile!!
After dinner we open tree presents (yes more presents!) most of which are for mam and dad, as Santy doesn't bring them very much... Imi and I get a few more presents (the easy to wrap ones I reckon) some of which were very special this year! We also exchange presents to each other, she gave me the Holly Golightly Lush bubble bath bar, treacle moon coconut shower gel/bubble bath and (my fave) The Nativity as told by Guinea Pigs, which made me cry laughing. 
Carnage. I'm sure this was only halfway through... I'm liking the whole red theme we had this Christmas! I wrapped my presents in pages torn out of New Scientist magazines and stuck together with silver sparkly tape. So original eh. I think it took us nearly two hours to open all the tree presents this year! We take it in turns to open each presents so we can see each others reactions! Giving presents is just as exciting as receiving them!
Bonus photo of me in a new scarf from the Hands, family members, but many hand jokes were made...we're hilarious. And you can see the sparkle of a diamond ear ring there... very lucky me! My piercings are too sensitive to most of the ear rings I own, except the gold ones I had them pierced with when I was eleven! My lovely mama pays attention haha. Boxing Day was almost as lovely, despite me spending most of the day working on one question of my coursework, but the grand'rents came over in the evening for Christmas dinner round two. Dad bought crackers with numbered bells in them and some music, so we desperately attempted Jingle Bells, Silent Night, and a bunch of others that didn't actually sound much like what they were supposed to be...

I know some people are sad when Christmas is over, but it's quite a relief this year! I was stressed over presents and uni work, and am looking forward to getting back into routine, I don't cope so well without it... aren't I fun? *sarcasm pouring from every orifice* 

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  1. Awh it's nice to see a little post like this from you. :)
    I hope you had a great day!
    Will definitely be hanging around for the future vegan and outfit posts. :)


  2. Sounds like you had a lovely day! Your new earrings are gorgeous, it is a big change to the routine so it can be nice to get back into it. I have a couple more weeks off yet!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  3. Electric toothbrushes are the bomb :)