Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Instamonth #November

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Well November just disappeared what the hell... completely and utterly not ready for December and (dare I mention it) Christmas! I have so much coursework and studying to do, I don't know how I'm gonna find the time to make Christmas presents... gonna have to try and get even more creative this year! Speaking of being creative, I've been trying more vegan foods! I made scrambled tofu for the first time and had it on toast with violife "cheese" and grilled tomatoes. I am really not a breakfast person but this I could eat! The soup was actually a huge fail and gross, but was part of an attempted #PhotoAnHour post so went up on instagram anyway... and I did eat it! I just totally didn't enjoy it.

We went to see the fireworks at Gunwharf, near the start of November, which was Lush. I think the fireworks there were the best this year! But I recently found out fireworks aren't cruelty free/vegan *gasps*. Like what?! You wouldn't believe all the every day shit that has animal something in it, ew. Fireworks are one of my fave things though, so I'll either have to find vegan fireworks, or make some of my own... I have until New Years to prepare! How do I avert my eyes and not enjoy other people's fireworks though?! Oh Lord, it's getting more and more complicated... Not trying to put anyone off veganism, it's something all us humans are headed towards anyway, there's no other way we can  all survive, unless we start culling each other, which wouldn't surprise me knowing how barbaric humans can be... anyway I went off on a weird tangent there...

Being vegan is actually so easy! And sure I'm finding out new things to avoid, like whey! I didn't know it was a by-product of milk! And for some weird reason it's in my 'cruelty free' approved washing up liquid! So the brand ecover is a nope for vegans, next I'm gonna try astonish, I've heard good things.

Have you considered cutting down on your meat or going vegan?
And how was your November? 

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  1. So I'm not vegan and haven't ever really thought about it but I do find myself getting more and more hacked off with the amount of stuff that uses animal by products. It's just a bit weird isn't it? In fireworks?? REALLY? Happy December and muchos good luck with the coursework!
    M x

  2. That's crazy, I had no idea fireworks weren't cruelty free! Good luck with your uni work, hope you can fit in some Christmas fun too! x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

  3. Oooh, I've never tried tofu scramble. I can't wait for our trip to NYC, there are so many vegan/veggie places to try out! Gimme all the food!
    I quite like spinach soup, spinach and courgette is nice.
    I buy Ecover products, it's just the washing up liquid with the Whey and Camomile that's not vegan, everything else is vegan and cruelty free. I try to buy from brands that are completely vegan (Method, is a good cleaning brand and I actually prefer them), but sometimes, I make do with a CF brand with vegan things.

  4. I am not ready for Christmas either. It has just come too quickly.
    I need to come up with ideas for gifts for people too!
    Well done on the veganism, you should definitely put recipes on the blog.
    Have you ever made a sweet potato burger? They are pretty good and vegan!


  5. If its something you haven't thought about I'd really suggest researching the impact the meat and dairy industry are having on our environment. Watch Cowspiricy, that's a nice easy way to get most of the info. I had no idea the extent of the damage it does :-/

    And yes I know, in fireworks! *WAILS* They're my fave but.... I can't see them the same way now :(

    Thank you, you too! :D

  6. I know! It's ridiculous! I'm finding out so much that isn't vegan, pretty scary how much isn't and what animals are used for :(

    Thank you, I've had a few days hiatus from science and am feeling better! I haven't caught up with you in ages, I feel terrible, haven't been on anyone's blogs, how have you been? Looking forward to Christmas? :) xo

  7. OMG try it, it's amazing. With salt, pepper, and tumeric. Some people add soy sauce which I might try next time. Ee, are there?! You'll have to tell me about all the vegan eats there!

    Is camomile not vegan..!?? Apparently they still test on water fleas which buav don't actually count... not sure how I feel about it. Insects are something I've been wondering about being vegan, scared to ask on the facebook pages I've joined haha, what do you think? I think if cricket burgers could be used to feed the hungry then why not?!

    My housemates never bother checking, you-know-who (lolz) even got annoyed when I asked if they could try buying cruelty free! Most vegans keep suggesting astonish, which is apparently available in pound stores! YAY!

  8. Waaayyyy too quickly, *wails*. So not ready this year. Thank you, I will do, my food photography is pretty shite so I'm trying to improve that! I kind of have, I made a pulled sweet potato burger! Where you grate the sweet potato, fry it, then add BBQ sauce and fry it in that! It's uhhmaaazing! But I do need to try making an actual patty with sweet potato... xo

  9. No the camomile is vegan, it's the whey that's not. I checked on the company website and they tell you which products are not vegan.
    I would still consider insects to be sentient beings, but at the same time, you have to think of what causes the least amount of harm whenyou want to achieve something. Also, of they go to the effort to make cricket burgers, surely they could make them out of plant material instead. I don't know though, I think it's easier to rule out everything than pick and choose, I find that easiest. Mostly I just find the thoughts of eating insects to be kind of gross.
    I heard astonish is good, cheap and cruelty free, but we don't get it here. We have ecover and method.