Saturday, 31 October 2015

OOTD(s) || Nantes

I rarely post OOTDs lately... so here, have eight!

A rather compact view of some of the outfits I wore in France. I just couldn't get used to the weather! And occasionally working in a super cold lab while it was sticky hot outside made it hard to choose what to wear. I thought I'd only brought reeeeallly summery things, but not summery enough it seems! I had to go out and buy shorts! And two vintage skirts (actually I wanted to buy them) one of which I'm wearing in the top left photo, the bright block colour midi-skirt. I never thought a midi-skirt could suit me, but a high-waist saved me again!

I wore the floral playsuit a lot, I'm sure I also wore it with tights at some point over the summer, not always bare legged like in these photos. I also wore tights with my denim dungarees, and wore either my silver t-bars, pink runners, or my tie-dye vintage converse (cool points for me). My full length jumpsuit was a saviour for labs! It was light enough to keep me cool outside, but covered my legs and then my lab coat would cover my arms to protect me from the cold air conditioning in certain labs.

And obvs there's that one all black outfit that sneaked in.

I know I ought to be posting about 'fall trends' but I basically wear the same things, only with more layers and socks... does your style change much with the seasons or not?

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  1. Love the first outfit the most! The way my style changes with the seasons is just with the color. Now, Im rocking darker shades but I still can't layer up because of the kind of weather we have here.

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  2. I do tend to wear more black as it gets colder, but a lot of my warmer clothes just happen to be black! I don't know how to dress at the moment - sometimes it's freezing and I need a huge coat and scarf, but other times it's too warm with just a sweater on! xo

  3. I absolutely love your style! The colour block skirt looks great on you, as do the dungarees :) Love this post!
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  4. I love these! Midi skirts are great, they keep you warm and make you look extra cool :) Can't really ask for more!

  5. Aw thank you lovely :-D I ever thought a skirt like that could suit me, but it felt like it was made for me hehe!

  6. I never thought short gals could pull it off... but omg never going back now!