Friday, 16 October 2015

Nantes || Le Jardin des Plantes #1

I went there twice actually, hence the #1 in the title. The first time I went was alone on a Sunday, the park was pretty busy but it was big enough to not be in anyone's way. It's far enough from town centre to not be noisy, although it's opposite the train station. There were ordinary things like ducks and ponds and a bird house, but then some other ...differently... themed plants and sculptures!

Some rather ordinary ducks, French ducks, looking cute!
And here comes the weird I was talking about! I don't even know what it is, I think it's meant to be a turtle? There are about four poking out of that... flower thing. There's also a crank and when you crank it fast enough bubbles come out of the middle of the flower!
There are a few greenhouses here, but when I went, only this dinky one and the cactus one were open, which I couldn't even find on this day, but I found it the second time I went! I didn't spend too long there the first time, I wandered round and had a sit in the sun, but found other parts of the park in my next visit!

More of the weirdness with a giant bench sculpture... I mean I appreciate art...

I'm not reeally sure what creature that's supposed to be? A bear?

Do you like visiting gardens? What's the best one you've ever been to? 


  1. What a beautiful place. But thins do always look so much prettier when the sun is shining.
    I think I'm going to get a cactus, I think it will be the only plant I could take care of :)

    Gems x

  2. Very true! I've had a cactus for about six months and I think it's dying... I can't even keep a cactus alive!!

  3. Hey Amber, I'm more a beach or forest walker cus there aren't really many gardens round my way. I would totally go see this though, so cute.

    Wendy Xx

  4. Who doesn't need a giant bench!

  5. There aren't really any around my uni either, there are more near my parents, but while at uni I'm only a ten minute walk from the beach, and nothing really beats that :')

    This place was unique though, bizarre!

  6. You'd have loved it, so so weird. Just wait for the next post... it includes goats.