Wednesday, 9 September 2015

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Bit of hilarious satire to get us started...

Whether you think it's just a bunch of hippies who don't want every type of mind altering substance made illegal (oh except alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine, ofc) I really don't see banning them doing anything good for the UK right now.

A rape test for welfare is a chilling way to save money... especially considering MPs in the UK are taking a 10% pay rise, what was that you were saying about everyone making sacrifices?!

10 things I've learned about trauma - this article helped me see I'm not alone and I'm not just a fucked up weirdo. Maybe it can help someone else too, if not, it will help others understand people who have been through trauma.

Study shows men who harrass women online are quite literally losers

The selves of other animals - something I've been thinking of a lot lately. Did you know killer whales have a part of the brain humans don't have which is associated with emotions? Yes, killer whales have a higher emotional intelligence than humans and make stronger bonds with each other.

You might have seen this but I'm kinda still fascinated with this video of a mother rabbit attacking a snake for killing its babies

And I'm still crying over the beauty and love in this video #LOVEWINS

Newspaper Blackout Poetry - gonna give this a go next time I feel uninspired!

Anyone else suffering thanks to some of these grievances? 

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  1. Love that Killer Whale fact, that's pretty amazing!