Sunday, 23 August 2015

Happiness this week (and the week before) is... #52

Well, I finished my placement! Achieved some results as well, now time to write it up... It was sad saying goodbye to my supervisor, but I am very happy to have met her and learnt from her.

My fave person finally flew over for my last weekend in France! I finished work on the Friday and picked him up from the airport that night, after which we had a busy weekend in Nantes, a five and a half hour delayed flight back home on the Monday, a couple of days at my parents' house, a drive up to Birmingham, donuts, chocolate soya milk, and then I drove back home the day after. It was a really, really great week. 

I took him to see the castle and we walked around the way around the top, which I hadn't realised you could do without paying! I thought only a small part was open but nope! We did that while waiting for the cafe to open then we had the nicest hot chocolates and savoury galettes. Mine had mushrooms and loooads of garlic. We ate a lot of garlic that weekend.
We also saw some goats. We were probably the only 'grown ups' there without children... but goats are cute and hilarious. We were just waiting for one to headbutt a child.

Yummy veggie burgers! It was basically big hash brown in a burger bun with mushrooms, spinach, and more garlic! I had it two days in a row, oh wow, why do most places not have such incredibly veggie burgers?!

Being reunited with my familyyy! As our flight was delayed FIVE AND A HALF HOURS (thanks a lot SleazyJet) only my dad picked us up at the airport and we just crashed straight into bed that night, we spent the next day catching up with mam and my sister though, with real tea(!!!) and toast. And then had a dominos takeaway that evening, and lots and lots of fizzy wine!

I have just one week until I move back to Portsmouth, so next weeks post will be full of super happy things too! There's always more, like the new bathrooms at my parents' house, Lush bath bombs, driving again, things I don't have photos of hehe. Tell me how the last couple of weeks have been for you? Gimme a wee catch up, I will be catching up on blogs too, but update me on the best bits! xo


  1. You're finally back!!! The past few weeks have been kind of uneventful for me. I went to Dublin like twice and brought stuff up to my new flat. Spent a day with the boyfriend and tried some lush oxford street exclusives. I am looking forward to going back to Uni to be honest at this stage. I've been off for almost four months. D:


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  2. It sounds like you had a lovely time! That goat doesn't look too impressed! haha :)

  3. Finally being reunited with your family sounds amazing!

    Oh veggie burgers are soo good! :D can't leave this out: the goat is cute, haha!
    Jade x

  4. Urgh, a five hour delay... urgh. That veggie burger sounds great! I'm tempted to try and make my own version of that.

    Ahh driving! I miss driving, that's the only thing I miss about the UK!

  5. I am also looking forward to going back! It's been too long!

  6. He wasn't, he jumped off the bench, and then jumped off when I left :'D

  7. It's been nice to spend time with them :) the goats were so funny!

  8. Five and HALF hour delay! It was horrific. It was amazing, not very healthy what with all the bread and greasy hash brown, but oh so yummeh!