Sunday, 9 August 2015

Happiness this week is... #51

So far my RNA samples from the oyster embryos are looking good... we'll see if there's anything significant when we do the genotoxicity tests this week!
Spending a lazy Sunday wandering through Le Jardin des Plantes, enjoying the sunshine, and peacefulness of town for once! This is probably the best garden I've ever been to, they have some pretty wacky shiz there too, which I'll show ya'll in a separate post about it, I took quite a few photos!

Taking lots of photos! As I said in last weeks post, I don't really get the opportunity to take many during the week, so when I go exploring at the weekend I totally indulge myself and take loooads!
 So exotic. Much ducks.
I've been flicking through this book by Ruby Wax again. It's the kind of read you can flip between chapters. It's about mental health and 'taming the mind' as you can see from the cover... I think I'll write a wee review on it, it might really help, or if not, it's a good read. It actually made me properly LOL, she writes quite sarcastically. No wonder I like it...

It also made my week that Ellen included me in her people you should follow on instagram post, made me feel proper warm and fuzzy! Thank you again, I'm glad you like my instagram! I also found a few other people to follow via that post, so thank you for that too Ellen!

I have actually appeared on two other blogs this week (oh em gee I'm fucking famous now), I took part in Mark's Take Three series and my own tea photos made me long for home, and tea, and family! One more week and I am so excited! Aaaand Kerri included me on her highlights and lowlights of July post (as a highlight, duh). Not my blog but me, person me! Hells to the yeah.

Though France has been pretty lonely, and I'm going to be putting together lots more posts about it when I'm back in the UK, coming home to a dog who thinks I am the best person in the entire universe is pretty damn great. No, seriously, this dog is crazy in love with me. Even after the worst day, I always smile and laugh when I get in the door because he's always there waiting to rub his gooky eyes on me and have a cuddle.

What have ye all been up to this week? Good things I hope! What was the best bit of the week? :-)


  1. Those gardens look beautiful! Would like to see a review on that book, I think Ruby Wax is great. Dogs can give you a massive ego boost can't they haha! x

    Josie’s Journal

  2. Ducks are cool. Nuff sed.

  3. Oh this is so gorgeous, parks and flower gardens are definitely a happy place of mine too :)