Friday, 28 August 2015

Belgium || Brussels

My weekend in Belgium was way back in Julyyy (not that far back really) and now, finally, here are (some of the) photos! I stayed with my new blogger BFF Kezza and her hamster and boyfriendy in Leuven. We explored some of Brussels when I arrived, and visited the Natural History Museum on my last day.

It was one of the best weekends of the summer, the other being when my fave joined me in France for a wee holiday. I'd never been in Belgium and to get to see so much of it in just a few days was fab! And not in the photos but just as awesome as exploring a new place were making pizzas, watching documentaries, drinking tea, long chats, and hamster cuddles!
This pissing statue is apparently very famous. There were a lot of people, as you can see from all the heads in the photo, but it really is just a tiny statue of a boy having a wee.

I always love Natural History Museums. We saw dinosaur fossils, precious gems (including amber), mammals like this tiger and giraffe, and so many beautiful butterflies and moths. We watched a short film about evolution, it was weird, but interesting. It was nice to chill with other nerds for a weekend!

Ever been to Belgium? I'll have two more posts up with photos from Leuven and Bruges which we also visited! What do you think of that view?!


  1. I do like the view. I also like the sound of this BFF you've got :)

  2. I love that the Chopmiester came before 'boyfriend' ahahah. I say this alll the time, but it's a place I really didn't fancy at all until I keep seeing all of Kerri's stupidly beautiful photos (and now yours!).
    That is a pretty kick bottom view and Natural History Museums are my faveeee, so I love this :D I'm not too keen on the weeing statue I must admit - but I love your photo of it with everyones heads!


  3. Hahahaha I am still thinking of heading to Brussels for a weekend with my boyfriend but I think we are going to wait until Winter. I would love to know what you'd recommend people to go and see. I have heard about the statue of the boy urinating and that there are two others, i think one of a girl and something else. Would love to go to the natural history museum.


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  4. I've not been to Belgium! I remember my mum going when I was little and brought back loads of chocolate haha. That statue is the weirdest thing! x

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  5. Yeh she's not bad, you'd like her, not one bit annoying ;-)

  6. Totally not intentional ;-) Kerri took me to see it as it was kind of a must do haha! I hadn't thought about it either, probably until seeing Kerri's photos and trips around it, and it was really lovely there :)

  7. We didn't spend much time in Brussels, but yes we saw the little weeing boy statue, and yes, Kerri told me about another twinning one, a little girl. The Natural History museum was fab as well!

  8. it was my first time there, will deffo be going back! I did not try any chocolate though, we were trying to eat vegan all weekend! It is a bit odd, even odder are the large crowds it attracts!