Monday, 22 June 2015

Beauty Review || Lush creamy candy bubble bar

Let me just say now... I have literally nothing bad to say about this! So you might as well go and try it now if you haven't already! It is only £2.75 and lasts for more than one bath. I used about half for a bath before I left for France, the other half is waiting to welcome me home... along with two new bathrooms which are currently being re-done in my parents' house!

It smells super sweet and sugary, but not overpowering. Basically mega girly and pink, which I love! And bubbles! Aaand there is almond oil and cocoa butter which I didn't know until looking at the website just now... but I could tell in the bath it was oily. I basically came out of that bath like a sugary sweet soft seal haha.

FYI if you've never used a bubble bar before don't make the mistake I did and not hold it over the bath when you try to break it in a half. Dat shiiiit goes everywhere! Which I didn't really mind but my parents' aren't always so keen ;-)

There's no bath at the house in France *sad face* so I am already super excited for the Lush baths I'm gonna have when I'm home! In the new freaking bathrooms! I have a few other bath bombs/bubble bars waiting for me, when I finally get around to using them would ye like to see more reviews? I don't usually find beauty posts that interesting, but I like finding things that are really worth the money and oh wow is this worth it! £2.75 people!! So shall I continue including beauty posts from time to time? xo


  1. Ooh thanks for posting this Amber, I've not tried this one and it looks awesome! Yes I love to hear about beauty bargains I love these kind of posts :) xx

  2. Oh it's so nice! My sister bought it for me, it's one I'd have probably overlooked because it's so simple but it's so worth it! xo