Wednesday, 17 June 2015

OOTD || double denim dungarees #TWO

 Beanie - Lazy Oaf c/o ASOS || jacket - my housemate's old jacket || crop top - H&M (sale!) || 
dungarees - River Island (free at Reading Festival!) || tights - I'm sorry I have no idea || socks - nope
backpack - Topshop (extremely old haha)  || converse - some vintage shop in Birmingham near my friend's house

Or this could be titled 'how many times Amber can look at the floor'. They were the best of the bunch and LOOK AT THE BEACH!! More sun yay! I already posted an outfit with these dungarees paired with my denim jacket, hence why this post is actually titled double denim dungarees #TWO. This was totally not intentional by the way. I just wear these dungarees A LOT because they're so comfy. And somehow they were both accidental double denim outfits (look out Fashion Week), this is waaay more subtle 'cos it's only a backpack, which I use basically all the time so didn't even realise I was double deniming.

I have essentially provided you with a guide on two ways to wear double denim/two ways to wear denim dungarees. Am I a successful blogger now? I also wore these tights in another outfit post with my vintage tartan jacket which I just successfully inserted a subtle link for you right there...

Did you like my accidental mini-series? I'm sure there'll be more, I own a lot of denim.


  1. You look so cute! I really love all of the pictures even though you are looking at the sand :)

  2. I am wearing dungarees today. They really are so cute.
    I think I am going to try and find some in a charity shop that fit.
    But yeah denim ones look good and you look so cute.
    I have a kind of muted brown pair and a white pair with a pink floral pattern. :)


  3. I need to get another pair of denim dungarees, I have some but that are sooo tight and uncomfy, yours sound so much better. And may I also say that those are possibly the best converse I have ever seen - I picked up some tie dye socks from primark that look kinda the same!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  4. I think I remember when that rucksack was for sale in Topshop :) I always liked it!

    I have never owned dungarees in my life... but I once owned a waist coat, but I'm not sure that really counts.

  5. Yaaay dungarees crew! :P I want some mooore! I want full length ones but can never find a pair I really love or that fit just right! Will keep searching! Ahh those sound lovely, any pics on your blog? :)

  6. These are so loose and I liive in them haha! Thank you, I have to agree ;) they were only £20 from a vintage shop, but looked barely worn! They have a little green bear on the flap part too haha!

  7. It was like £30 but omg so damn worth it. And I never say that about anything that costs £30 haha. It goes everywhere with me! Dungarees are soooo comfy! What kind of waist coat haha? I have a waistcoat (also denim!) with tweety bird and sylvester on the back!

  8. If I remember rightly, it was a velvet, forest green one... possible had some tartan print too...

  9. I really like how you dress lovely!! Loving the crop top and the dungarees!
    Jade x

  10. Urgh, you are so dang cute!! Pretty envious of those legs too! xo