Monday, 8 June 2015

Honest to Blog

Today's post was meant to be about coming home, but I've not even gotten around to writing it, and I missed two posts last week 'cos of my birthday, cleaning, packing, and coming back to the rents'. I'm just writing now and seeing where it goes!

I've been pretty absent from twitter and blogging, I haven't been posting as regularly, or sticking to my schedule, OR scheduling my posts to go up at 7 am and at least 4/5 tweets throughout the day... now I'm lucky if I remember to tweet at all! Not tweeting has the biggest effect on my page views here (lil bit of advice for you there, twitter is errrything) so I'm going to really try to hardcore schedule! Are there any better free schedulers I can use that's not Buffer? I want one where I can schedule further in advance, especially as I'm going to be working pretty solidly for the next two months.

I really want to stick with blogging, and I was seeing such improvements and enjoying it so much, but then exams and life just seem to be running away with me and everything's kinda whirl-windy in my head at the mo.

Obvs you know I'm off to France, v. exciting! But it's been stressful planning it, and I haven't had a proper break since I finished second year exams, I've already started work for my 3rd year project!, urghh. And I've hardly spent time with my family so I'm trying to squeeze in as much time with them this week as possible!

There's more going on that's distracting me but there's nothing I can really do to change that, luckily I think I'm coping OK!

Is this what it's like to be a real grown up? Is this what real life is?? 'Cos it's super exhilarating haha! I can cope, my blogging just probably isn't going improve how I would have liked it to, but now I have other priorities that are taking over, such as my course and where I'm going with that! The most important part of this blog to me are you guys who I've chatted to and well, I'd really consider you guys my friends, so to me the most important thing to keep up here is contact with you (you know who ye are!) xo

Post title nabbed from A Rosie Outlook (lovely blog, lovely gal, go say hi)!


  1. Hope your exams went okay! It's definitely hard to keep up with blogging through it all!

  2. I hope so too! :P it so is, I don't know how some people do it! xo

  3. I hope that your exams and everything went well. I got my results back and passed with flying colours. Second year here I come!!! Best of luck with the projects too.

    I use buffer and I find it very good because I pretty much am blogging most days of the week. :)
    I hope you find a solution to schedule. But don't be too worried about it at the same time.


  4. No matter how important blogging is, I think real life should always come first. Blogging shouldn't be stressing you out, girl. Don't worry too much about pageviews. Go take your blogging break as long as you want/need! ;)

    Dara | Hola Darla | @DarlaOct

  5. So far so good! Well done, that's soo great! You'll love second year :D
    I'm doing good with buffer atm, I'm not so good at planning very far in advance so one day in advance is probably enough for me! xo

  6. Deffo, I do have to remind myself sometimes that it's OK to be enjoying myself and not be taking photos for the blog all the time! I am caring less about pageviews again as there's such a lovely group of you guys who always comment and chat to me, which is wayyy more important!! :D xo

  7. hahahah I agree that twitter is everything! It really is XD I only know buffer when it comes to scheduling tweets :/ I went to the same thing when I had my exams. Trying to blog during that time was pretty hard. But i tried to stay calm and not get stressed. Everything will work out :)
    Jade x

  8. It sooo is!! I always remind myself that nothing lasts forever, and life is constantly moving and changing and that's good! :D