Sunday, 28 June 2015

Happiness this week is... #48

Having the laziest Sunday everrrr. I needed it, I've been non stop since I got here so today I stayed at the house and chilled in the garden, napped, drank a lot of tea... and not a lot else! Nothing is open here on Sundays, not even food shops so I can't even buy a donut (I'm on my period OK, major donut cravings right now).
Look how majestic...
...or not!
Having this cutie follow me around the house every day! I always seem to make such strong connections to dogs haha and this one is such a soppy one! I took him for a walk this week when I felt better and as soon as I picked up his lead he was running around the house and literally jumping in circles! Was one of the funniest things I've seen a dog do!
I had a croissant and a pink macaron yesterday! (Btw, know the difference between macaron and macaroon - they are two very different things!) It was yum. And right now I want a donut with pink icing and sprinkles.
 A little bit of chilled shopping! It's so hot so I bought some new shorts from a cute shop, and I checked out an art shop, a Nantes goodies shop (apparently butter biscuits are a local thing here? So is everything made with the sea), and they really love the Irish here! There was this Irish shop and I've seen at least three Irish pubs, one of which does some classic hearty Irish pub food, I will be going there to eat!
 Discovering less busy shopping places, I think this is the vintage type quirky road I was trying to find, but not much was open on the Saturday. It is actually mostly quirky bars and oriental shops which I love! Plus a cool gaming bar called Game Over, a shop selling homemade African bits and bobs, like clothes and jewellery, and also tea! Speaking of I found a tea emporium hoping to find some decent English tea, nope none of that, but I was given a tester of the most refreshing cold infusion! I have to return for more!
Finally, finding the cathedral! Isn't it magnificent?! I have to keep using that word 'cos everything here is magnificent! I think you can go inside but I didn't 'cos I was trying to find a shop that sold sunglasses (literally nowhere except high street shops like H&M). I'll go back for more photos because this is just the front, the rest of it is just as grand!

I also had a cracking week at work, but obviously don't have any photos! My French is already improving, everyone at the lab is so lovely and easy going! And I've been left to do lots of lab work myself which I wasn't expecting and I love it! I also love knowing where everything is so I can just get on with things.

Today has been the laziest day, which I've needed! I think next weekend I will go to a museum or to see the mechanical animals! Then the following weekend I am doing something so very fucking exciting! So exciting I had to swear! How has your week been? Please link me to your latest posts, I have a lot to catch up on so am trying to read recent ones first as I don't have time to go so far back yet! Don't worry though, you'll all be getting a rampage of comments at some point ;-) xo

ps, sorry for all the exclamation marks!!!


  1. Wow! Seems like you've been having a pretty good time in France. :)
    The dog is cute. :3 But I love seeing your updates.
    Glad you had a good week.


  2. I spend my entire life with donut cravings, it kinda sucks whe youre trying hard to eat healthily :( lazy days are definitely something that are hard to come by when you have such a busy life, its nice to see that you spend them out and about rather than sitting on the sofa accompanied by netflix and a movie marathon (im trying my best to be more outgoing though)! I love museums and learning about history but nobody I know seems to share the same interest so I always end up exploring by myself. Im glad you're having a magnificent time, I really enjoy reading your little happiness posts :)


  3. !!! there's a difference between Macaron and Macaroon? i thought it was just....translation spelling idk LOL what is it?

  4. Eeeeee this is the loveliest post! What an adorable wee dog! Nantes looks absolutely glorious & a tea emporium sounds like the coolest thing ever haha!
    I'm also quite a big fan of exclamation marks so no complaints from me :')
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  5. I have thank you :) lots of exploring! Isn't he just?! Might try sneak him home with me hehe...

  6. Haha I eat healthy most of the time but I think it's unhealthy to deny yourself the things you want. I dunno, maybe some people are more all or nothing but I'm all for everything in moderation! Works for me :D it's getting so hot here though I can barely move after work! Ah that sucks! I always drag my friends out so now they do share the same interest haha! A big two month long festival is starting in Nantes soon with loads of exhibitions and art, I'm too excited for the dinosaur one!!

    Thank you so much, it means a lot that people enjoy these posts :D xo

  7. Ahaha omg YES! Two totally different things! Macarons are the little French colourful gooey things, macaroons are like a coconut cake with a drizzle of chocolate on them (usually) not sure where they originated, American, English maybe? I grew up on them haha, if you haven't had one you should deffo go try one!! xo

  8. Ahh thank you :') he is so cute! I want to take him home with me, he's such a character!! It's amazing here, and the tea emporium was lush. Still no decent English tea though, the one thing I miss!! xo

  9. oh the macaron/macaroon thing... I'm so looking forward to your visit! I just had a thought, I should have come to you, it's a bit rude of me to make you come all the way to me!

  10. oooh! thanks for the explanation! i can eat the macarons then.... Macaroons would cause me to have a reaction 'cos of the coconut. LOL

  11. YES THAT!! Haha not at all, I asked, and I've never been to Belgium so might as well while I'm nearby! My tickets arrived btw!!!! :DDDD

  12. Aw that's a shame that you're allergic to coconut :( but macarons are equally as yummy!!