Monday, 15 June 2015

Affordable Superdrug Essentials

I am not a beauty blogger at all but obviously I use things like shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, the kind of things we call 'essentials'. I always buy these essentials from Superdrug now because their products tick all the boxes for me! Those boxes are cheap, smell good, cruelty free, and actually feel good and work on my skin!
So the bag isn't from Superdrug, but it says essentials on it so I thought it'd fit in nicely...
 I bought all these bits to take with my to France because I wasn't sure what products I'd be able to find here that would also tick all the boxes! Superdrug's shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, and toothpastes are my absolute favourites! Toothpaste is hard to find cruelty free and Superdrug do a range of different types, I usually buy sensitive or whitening.

All of this came to about £17, which I think is pretty decent considering I bought thirteen products there! Including hairspray and dry shampoo, top coat, and nail polish remover! Although I had to leave the nail polish remover at home because it started to leak, so maybe that one isn't quite worth the purchase...

Like I said, I'm really not a beauty blogger, but I am a student and student's love cheap things! And I know lots of my readers use cruelty free products too, so I am telling you guys that these products are the best freaking things everrr! Of course everyone's skin is different so find what works for you! Superdrug do a huge range of different skin care products, all very affordable!

Have you used Superdrug own brand products? What do you think of them? :-) 


  1. We actually don't have a Super Drug in Ireland.
    But we do have Boots.
    I never really use the own brand stores.
    I have actually never thought about toothpaste and how it is tested. :L


  2. I love Superdrug from essential items, affordable and good quality - perfect x

  3. I've heard some really good things about Superdrug's Vitamin E range from a few people and some bloggers. Really want to try it out :) They aren't too expensive either which is a plus! Great post :)


  4. "Im a student and student's love cheap things!" HAHAHA Cracked up on that one.

    BCfactor Blog

  5. Oh no I didn't realise that! It's only Superdrug own brand I use because it's so worth it for the price and as it's cruelty free too! Yeh I didn't for ages, but it's quite hard to find because the fluoride in toothpaste is nearly always tested on animals. But Lush do some, but too expensive for me, Superdrug toothpastes are fab, all my housemates use it too now haha!

  6. Sooo good! I'm constantly raving about them!

  7. Yes you should deffo try it! The hot cloth cleanser is so good and usually on offer for like £2! BTW thanks for commenting, cos now I found your blog! Followed and love it :) xo

  8. I'm sure I say that in nearly every post :P