Thursday, 28 May 2015

AD || #MatchaMay with Teapigs

I think I've finally got the hang of how to make this without it going all over the kitchen. You need a gigantic mug, preferably one like mine which is starbucks so everyone knows I'm cool AND healthy. I also perfected my whisking technique - you gotta gently move it around the cup... not just hold it in the centre. When you do that a whirlpool happens and then the mess.

Honestly the first time I tried it with hot water I was pretty disappointed. It kinda tastes like grass and mud, but occasionally it tastes a bit like green tea. I added A LOT of honey to this one and now it tastes good! If I had lemon as well I'd squeeze some of that in and it'd be perfect! I'm not sure if I'm using too much but no matter how much I whisk there always seems to be some... sediment... left over, is that normal? Has anyone else tried Matcha tea? And specifically Teapigs

The challenge was to see if it improved my energy but it's not easy to tell, I was naughty and didn't have one every day. Everything slipped in the middle of exams! I'll be drinking it more now to up my water too. It's been suggested that matcha green tea is even better for your health than normal green tea, but there hasn't been conclusive research to prove that. I'm eagerly waiting to hear more about it haha! 

 I also tried some in a smoothie one day but I used the wrong juice so it was terrible and bitter. My
bad. And yeh the smoothie came out the same colour as the kitchen work tops and what?!

Final verdict? Once I got the hang of the stirring technique and added honey it was great! I think the taste is too mild to drink alone but I'll be drinking it with honey and in smoothies until I run out! Then I'll have to go back to ordinary not-so-fun-and-messy green tea because I can't quite afford this on a student budget, although the overall price is a bit steep the price per cup works out well!

Have you ever tried matcha tea? Got any other ways of drinking or maybe even eating it to share with me? :) 


  1. Well this is interesting! Never heard of it before!
    Jade x

  2. Loved this post! I've never tried it but I'd like to :)

    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  3. I hadn't either! I'm looking forward to more research being done to see if it's better for you than ordinary green tea!

  4. Aw yay thank you! Was a bit worried as I'd seen others' posts about this which were amazing! The last week I've been drinking one every day and I think I've started to notice a real difference... but it could also just be excitement that I'm free haha!

  5. I kind of hate green tea. I dislike most tea's unless it's black tea :)

  6. Then you probably won't like this :P I love most teas, this one needs honey though!