Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Lush wishlist (because I turn 20 soon OK)

I'm turning 20 soon and have just finished second year of Biochemistry and I'm feeling pretty floopy. I have three weeks until I start lab work for my 3rd year project in France which is scary. I'll be spending a week at my parents' before which I can't wait for! Muchos excited to see them soon!

Also excited to go home because they have a bath....which I didn't have in my student house this year (and again next year) so I want to make the most of it while I'm staying there. So at some point I'm going to go to my local Lush and pick up a few of these things as a birthday present to me! I always buy my sister and friends gifts from Lush for their birthdays so I'm doing the same for me haha. 

I actually bought the shower jelly for a friend's birthday this year, and I bought her Fun for her birthday last year! I think they're both awesome and a bit novelty so I wanna try them! I bought my dad the Grass shower gel as part of his Christmas present this year (which I don't think he's even used once so maybe I can just borrow some...) and it smells like actual fresh grass! I've also bought my sister the bohemian soap as a present once, she's got lots of Lush stuff off me! I bought her a scrub and have bought her gift sets before too. The bohemian soap has the nicest lemongrass scent which is deffo my favourite. Will have to pick up a bit of this!

Are there any products you would recommend I try? There are so many products and new ones coming out all the time, it's a tad overwhelming haha! xo


  1. Oooh lovely wishlist! & wowza, exciting stuff that France is only 3 weeks away now!
    If you like 'pink' scents you can't really go wrong with The Comforter! (hope you get what I mean by pink haha) The Melting Marshmallow is lovely too :)
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  2. I really want to try products from Lush. When I do, I'll keep your wishlist in mind!


  3. Well I haven't tried any of the products that you've displayed. :)
    I actually have a recommendations post for lush somewhere on my blog (Lol soz for the self promotion). I really want to try The comforter though because it has such a gorgeous smell and it lasts for a few baths. Em I'd also recommend a massage bar. I love them so much. :)

    Happy Birthday too Amber. <3


  4. I really like the sweety pie shower jelly, and it smells so good too! I gave the grass shower gel to someone as a present too, so i haven't used it, but i'd love to give it a go. Its amazing how much it really does smell like grass haa. :) Hope you have a lovely birthday! x

  5. Ah so exciting turing 20!! All downhill after that ;) Just kidding.
    I totally can relate to having no bath. Uh!! All of our previous homes we've had a bath but our current one doesn't and it suck haha. Luckily Mam and Dad live in the same town so I can go have a bath there if I really wanted.

    I love Fun, its so much fun lol I swear by Dark Angels cleanser and tea tree toning water. :)


  6. Yep, I still have so much to get ready before though gaahh! Haha yes I do know what you mean, I've heard lots of good things about the Comforter!

  7. Aw thank you, glad it's come in useful! :D

  8. Haha don't apologise for self promotion, especially when it's related to what's in the post! I remember reading it now, can't remember if I saved it or not but I'll probs have another look before I buy :P yes I keep hearing good things about the comforter! But I don't get the massage bars? Are they moisturizer??

    Thanks sweet :D xo

  9. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna try that, it's purple and glittery which is perfect! Yes it smelled like freshly cut grass in a bottle haha! Thank you :D

  10. Yes it feels kinda strange! It sucks :( we had a bath last year but I rarely even used it, but now I sooo miss it! This year I deffo need more stress relief in a hot bubble bath! A few of my friends' have baths so I just use theirs hehe :P yes I think I will have to try Fun, I love novelty products like that! :D