Thursday, 9 April 2015

Student Life || How to be a Knowledge Ninja

I decided to post this in my student life series rather than as a book review, but this book can and should be read by anyone, not just students! It's also more of a way of life than just a book seeing as the author runs Think Productive, a company that offer workshops to increase productivity! I've already been using some of the techniques from the book and though I've read it all, it's one of those books I'll be dipping in and out of when I need some inspiration to spur me on.

There are different chapters from writing essays, exams, to getting organised and a whole chapter dedicated to procrastination! It covers mindfulness and meditation, includes reward systems to spur you on where an hour of study equals half a 'fun point' and you can determine how many fun points you need for your fun activities!

My favourite tip in it is the Pomodoro technique, which I'd never heard of before reading this book, and now it's the only way I study! You set an alarm on your phone for 25 minutes and work as hard as you can without checking your phone or facebook until that alarm goes off. Then you set an alarm for 5 minutes which is your break where you can freely check facebook or other social media. Then you do another 25 minutes and so on! This is especially good for social media addicts (ahem I'm looking at you fellow bloggers) so you actually put your phone down!

The book also makes it clear that to be productive, not everything can be perfect, especially not the first time. I was introduced to the idea that speed reading can actually be productive! If you have a lot of reading to get through, it's not vital that you drink in every word. Instead of reading out loud make sure you read in your head (sooo much quicker).

The book suggests mind maps for revision which is something I already do so I was pleased to see I'm on the right tracks! Mind maps are easier to 'flow' and therefore easier to remember all the details and how everything connects up. What you're learning probably isn't linear so why write it linear?

I only covered a few of my fave tips from the book here, it is jam packed full of tips so there's gonna be something that works for everyone! I was super excited to be contacted about reviewing this book *disclaimer alert* all opinions my own, I was honestly super happy to receive this! Have you read this book? Or have you got any good study tips of your own to share?

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  1. This is a really good looking book!
    I could probably do with it for College and stuff like that.
    My mum reads a book called " The secret" which is like a book about the secret to happiness and stuff I believe.


  2. This looks like such a good book, thanks for sharing! I'll have to try the pomodoro technique, I suppose you can apply it to any kind of work, not just studying! :)

    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  3. Where was this book when I was a student?! It looks like a holy book that could literally have been my salvation during my years in uni. I was a bad procrastinator and I got into a lot of trouble because of it. I could really use the procrastination chapter :'(

    Dara | Hola Darla | @DarlaOct

  4. It's a fab book! Ahh my mam has read that too, might have to ask her to lend it to me! xo

  5. It is a great book, I'll be referring back to it lots! Yes the pomodoro technique helps me getg through my to do list. After 4 25 min slots I have a longer half hour or hour break :)

  6. Haha I know it's amazing! It just came out recently, 5th May I believe! ;) I'm not usually too bad with procrastination, I have just really needed to improve my revision techniques!

  7. I really need to read it.
    Perhaps this summer :D

  8. Omygoodness, I want this book! I did know that reading in my head goes allot quicker then out loud! Sounds like a great book!
    Jade x

  9. It's fab! I'm always going back to it and picking bits out :) it talks about practising reading in your head even faster! Pretty mad! :)

  10. Wow that book sounds great! I'm totally going to try the pomodoro technique.
    Emily / ☮

  11. You should! It's really working for me, without it I wouldn't get half the work done that I do now! xo