Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Happiness this week is... #40

OMG happy list number forty!! That's a lot of happiness lists, might take a scroll through the tab and appreciate life for a bit :)

Getting my paints out for the first time since Christmas! Finally felt inspired enough to do something!
The response to Protein World's abuse targeted at feminists and "fatties". It made me super angry but the positive response after outweighs all the negative nancy's tryna tell us feminists to settle down haha! Fuck the patriarchy.

The house is back together agaaaain! We haven't all been home together for a month and we're finally all back and it's soo nice to have a full house again.

Despite all the revision and work I am loving what I'm doing! All the research and the new things I'm learning every day just keep spurring me on. And did you know Sunday was DNA day?! Woo! And a team of scientists in China have edited the human genome in a human embryo for the first time! I've got a draft post about it for more discussion :)
Soup! Again ;) I experimented this week and made carrot and coriander soup and it was yuuuummmm. I also made the bestest mac & cheese.

Yoga, again! Adriene has a video for everything, yoga for headaches, for the morning, for stomach aches, and feeling ill. They really work for me! I had a pounding headache one day this week and I did the yoga for headaches video and it worked! No more headache!

Hanging out with new and old friends and more food. I don't even care that all I talk about is food. My housemate made lasagne for ten people, a meaty one and a veggie one for me, which we had with salad and garlic bread, while we watched Shutter Island. I'd been dying to see that film for ages, have you seen it? What did you think of it?

Sorry this post is so late, it's been a hectic and tiring couple of days. I've submitted my final piece of coursework, finally! I also have an exam on Wednesday morning and have paperwork to finish so I can go to France this summer. Everything's getting on top of me again and I'm just trying to live in the moment and enjoy it all :) link me to your recent posts in the comments, and let me know how you're doing? xo


  1. Woo congrats on finishing the course work, thats so exciting! Your soup looks delicious, I really need to start mixing it up and trying to make some more soups! I really liked shutter island - it is a good one!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  2. Recipes, please! Your soup looks so yummy and I need it in my stomach, like, right now. Haha ;)

    Dara | Hola Darla | @DarlaOct

  3. Thanks love :D I'm gonna start trying to post recipes, I make the simplest soups and they're always yum! So I'm feeling a student life cooking mashup type thing haha! It was so sad, I felt so weird after, kinda like how i felt after I watched The Truman Show, when you're like "omg is dis real?" *wails*

  4. Hehe, I'm on it! ;) thanks sweet, have you tried my onion soup recipe? I haven't had onion soup in aaaaages imma have to make it again cos it's yummeh!

  5. I still haven't got around to making my own soup, I made a casserole instead.

  6. your little paintings look amazing! and I'm loving the bunny ears mug!

  7. That's much more impressive. I brag about my soup but honestly, it's literally vegetables in a pot then a blender like I don't even watch the vegetables cook...

  8. Aw thank you! I'm easing myself back into it haha :)