Monday, 20 April 2015

Bookmarked #18

"Imagine if men were as disgusted by rape as they are by periods" - I know this was last month but in case you hadn't seen it I had to share! This woman is writing feminist messages on pads and sticking them up around her city.

UK to designate largest protected area of ocean

Waitrose is now cruelty free!

Maisie Williams on voting in the general elections. - she's dead right about younger generations getting no respect and I understand it's because older generations have been set in their ways and don't think change is good. As she also says though, our future has been kicked in the teeth. People still seem to think being a student is an easy lifestyle. It's fucking not. I'm poor, already in debt, and possibly will be still unemployed. Oh and the environment is fucked up beyond belief and all the old politicians will be dead before shit really hits the fan. It's not as fun being young anymore and we deserve more respect, after it's us who'll be looking after you when you're old and can't take your own trousers off...

The Food Babe blogger is full of shit - I'd never heard of this "food babe" before reading this and now oh wow am I mad. And before ya'll start telling me to support other bloggers I'm telling you she is blatantly ignoring science and taking advantage of people who will believe antything BUT science and fact to profit. Pleeease educate yourselves!

Why the Battle of Hogwarts was changed for the film!

Kate Parker takes fab photos of her awesome daughters which you might have already seen but I had to share it anyway as something that caught my eye :)

Oh and some more photos of empowering women! - this time of women on their first day as a mother!

New treatment being tested to treat anxiety - I've been waiting to see some research on this!

Let me know if you read any of these and what you think, I've found all of this pretty interesting! I especially love the two buzzfeed articles of empowering photos of young girls, and women on their first day as mothers.