Monday, 9 March 2015

This week happiness is... #34

Another coursework deadline done and dusted! Yay! I had to make an A2 poster about the structure and function of any enzyme I choose. I chose caspase-9 in the end, I'm finding myself more and more interested in the mechanisms of apoptosis (programmed cell death), which caspase-9 is pretty important for!

The new bed sheets I've been banging on about which I finally put on this week How awesome are they?! They feel so crisp and new as well!
 Having a day time nap for the first time in aaaages. Last year I napped all the time, but this year I can't sleep during the day and to be honest, I go to bed waaay earlier than I ever did last year. My housemate had coursework to finish and I stayed up helping him, I didn't nap until the next afternoon and it was soo gooooood.

A few new accessories from Primark and Topshop, socks and the like. I might do a post 'cos I got the cuuutest socks! Is that something you guys like reading?
 Going out without a jacket! Oh my staaars! I can't believe the weather has suddenly turned here and it's quite warm! It's still chilly not in the sun but I'm wearing a lighter jacket or no jacket at all, and all the crocuses are really blooming aah.

International Women's Day! Which was yesterday and I posted something very short (and sweet) just to mark the occassion. I posted the same photo on facebook, twitter, and instagram with the same title "On International Women's Day we wear pink". Of course someone on facebook commented saying "Isn't that just indulging in the stereotype". I felt immediately riled up but then saw it as an opportunity to educate, not berate. Unforch he did reply really defensively but I said he shouldn't ask a question if he didn't want an answer. I think I got my point across.
How was your week? I'm missing reading blogs, I've never been so busy in my life (except for A-Levels they are the devil, I don't envy anyone doing them right now) and I don't even have a job! I know I keep apologising but I'm just gonna shut up 'cos that's boring and seeing as I'm slow on catching up, why not catch me up a bit in the comments? How have you been? What posts have you published this week that you're proud of? I'll make a commitment to read any left in the comments here! xoxo


  1. You and I seem to be in similar situations in how busy we are. I try to read blogs and stuff but it can be hard to find the time. Also my laptop is currently broken and in repairs so that doesn't help! I'm going to France tomorrow though so I am excited for that!! :D


  2. Yay for that coursework scratched off of your to do lists! Happy spring!

    Love, Dara

  3. So hard :/ especially cos I just want to comment on everything but I have hundreds of posts to get through! I'm making a start this week cos I've got the next few days off yay! Oh dear that doesn't help at all! Ahh lucky you, where in France? You'll have an awesome time, tell me about it when you get back! :D xo

  4. Such a relief! You too sweet :D xo

  5. I really like the jumper in the last photo! People sometimes feel the need to be negative about everything these days don't they? This week I just came back home to Ireland after a 3 month visit in America. It's good to be home, but I miss my boyfriend in America! Naps are sooo good. But when somebody wakes me up from a nap... oh Jesus Christ.


  6. I adore these posts, really makes you put things into perspective :) I've been working on a mountain of assignments I can't even begin to tell you how much I have to do but still... I am sat on blogger haha!

    Cute bed sheets! I don't think I'd be brave enough to buy anything like this because I'm quite bland when it comes to home decor in ways haha x

  7. Thank you - £2 from a charity shop and it's my fave! Oh wow three months in America must have been incredible! Haha so true, I napped again today! Never napped so much since first year of uni :P

  8. Aw thank you :) I love writing them, it does exactly that for me! Aw man, good luck gal! I'm already prepping for my lab coursework I start next week! I looove leopard print! Can you tell!? ahah ;)

  9. Caspase-9, good choice! Apoptosis is quite interesting, but I do like autophagy a little more :) An enzyme of my choice though, that's a hard choice. I'd probably pick NF-kB! I'm such a nerd.

    I used to nap constantly in my first year at uni, in the afternoons, in class, in the evening, I would just sleep all the time... It took me so so long to stop napping in class haha. Now I hardly ever get to nap!