Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Instamonth #March

frilly socks || primark candles are the best! || easter chocolate
Tracy Emin mug from dad :D || best socks everrr || yeh I went on a sock spree this month...
denim jacket out for first trip this year! || purple facemask || fave leopard bedding

I bought eight pairs of socks, the frilly ones, dinosaur ones, glitter ones, and a five pack of black socks with different coloured glitter. Apart from that this month has been full of coursework and flopping about, especially recently, as I said in my last post I've been taking a break. The super sleepiness of the medication isn't as bad now but I'm still not quite feeling myself. It seems to have zapped all creative motivation out of me. I only seem to have motivation for washing up... (I woke up really early one morning and went a bit mad cleaning...).

I'll get posts out when I can but for now my main focus is getting better and on top of everything first. So I can catch up why not link me to your latest post in the comments? It's an easy way for me to keep up a bit when I don't have the time to read all the posts I've missed yet :) what have you guys been up to this month? Gotta be more interesting than my month haha! xo


  1. great pics!! The one thing im looking forward to this weekend is scoffing all the easter eggs! i dont know why but easter eggs taste sooo much better than normal chocolate!! xxx

    Anisha ♥ All You Need Is Red

  2. Socks and amazing mugs always help with getting better. Keep your pecker up and buy more dinosaur socks, those things are BRILLIANT.
    M x Life Outside London

  3. I hope you get better soon! And you can never have too many socks, they're a perfect little pick me up when you're feeling rubbish x

    Josie’s Journal

  4. Your socks are absolutely adorable. I really want to do one of these types of posts in the future.
    Keep focused on getting better, your readers will understand that you can't always post. :)


  5. I may or may not have a new obsession with socks, thanks to you! Also, get well soon ;)

    Dara | Hola Darla | @DarlaOct

  6. Dinosaurs socks?!?!? Instant win.

  7. I've been enjoying creme eggs a lot myself ;) xo

  8. Thanks love :) exactly what I think ahha! xo

  9. Thank you :) yeh deffo do one, I love reading these posts! :) xo

  10. Haha sorry not sorry ;) socks are the most underrated accessory! Thank you lovely :) xo

  11. I KNOW!! I couldn't leave them, they needed my love.