Thursday, 12 March 2015

Bookmarked #17

Anyone know where this image originally came from? I've been using it to explain aspects of feminism to some people. I used it on International Women's Day as a response to someone asking if I was indulging in the stereo type if I was wearing pink. Ugh. Shut. Up.

Something lighthearted to start us off...

Live long, die green, and leave a biodegradable corpse - I was so happy to read this 'cos it's something I've thought about a lot before, not in a morbid way, just that I worry about how much space human graves are taking up? I want the parts of my body to be able to grow into new things one day.

Women in science etsy shop - obviously I love it!

One of those "...reasons to never go somewhere amazing" buzzfeed posts - this one is Birmingham, which you know I've visited and love!

Why having a huuuuge make up collection isn't always the best thing - sorry bbloggers, but it's true. Super post from Ellen's Blog, basically everything I think but wasn't brave enough to put into a blog post!

Some more lighthearted cute animal pics!

International Women's Day, because... - brilliant post from mo'adore, basically all her reasons why.

You probably haven't heard of these five amazing women scientists - so pay attention! - unless you study science in which case I hope you have heard of them! And even if not this is a great read and you should all know these names as well as you know the names of famous male scientists!

5 Ways to End Bullying - something else very close to my heart.

24 stereotypes women are sick and tired of hearing


  1. Oh is this a new series? I think its a great idea! currently searching on some of the stuff u mentioned :) And science etsy shops exist?!?! WHATTT so interesting

  2. Hahaha thanks for sharing this, the stereotypes women are sick and tired of hearing made me laugh. So right too!

  3. You call that a light hearted start to a post? :p

    Corinne x

  4. Not new, I do it once a month now but it used to be every now and again until I got it together! Thank you, glad you like it :D haha yes! xo

  5. Oh yesss! You have to laugh at it! :/ xo

  6. Haha sure, what's not to like about a mysterious book reviewer! xo