Friday, 13 March 2015

5 Places I Want to Revisit

1. Florida
I am going back to Florida with my family this year! Squueee! Much excitement! Click here for photos from last time! I wasn't so keen on Disney but I loved Universal and I can't wait to see the new Harry Potter section which has been added since I went the first time. Highlights: everything Harry Potter obvs and the restaurant called Mythos in Universal (the salmon is fab, and it's one of the only places I could find decent food).

2. Menorca
Unfortunately I don't really remember Menorca. I don't even remember what part we went to or where we stayed. We went something like seven times?! Every year, to the same resort! They knew us pretty well there haha. My housemate has been there too and remembers it well and was telling me I should go again, so I really would like to, according to her it's beautiful! Highlights (of what I can remember): delicious coffee ice cream oh my stars and possibly the hottest sun I've been under.

3. Madrid, Spain
I went to Madrid on a school trip for Art quite a few years ago in October so it was a bit chilly, we visited lots of galleries, and parks. We also visited markets and were allowed quite a bit of freedom to roam around the area. I'd love to go again with friends or family to explore more and further from the area surrounding the hostel we stayed in. Highlights: some of the friendliest people (despite the hand bag snatchers trying to literally rooting through my friends bag as it was sat next to her in a cafe!) served us in the restaurants and I loved visiting the art galleries in a new country (although the staff at some of the galleries were not nice at all).
We also took a coach to Toledo which I always forget I visited!

4. Paris, France
I know this isn't Paris but I couldn't find a photo from when I was there, so here is a photo I took in Bordeaux...
Am I allowed to say Bordeaux as well and add it into my little trip? I loved Bordeaux so so much, it's one of my favourite places! I would choose to visit Paris again over Bordeaux though 'cos I can hardly remember Paris and because I went with my school when I was 11 we obvs had to go everywhere with the teacher. Highlights were: meeting David Hasslehof on the Eiffel Tower and Park Asterix.

5. New York
Where do I even start?! New York is just a dream! I went for my 18th birthday with my mam in the summer holidays for a few days. We went to the top of the Empire State building, despite everyone telling us to skip cos the queues are huge (we barely queued and bought tickets when we got there), strolled around Central Park, shopped, went to Times Square and saw Lion King, and tried to get our head around the restaurants. I want to go back and do museums and art galleries, and Brooklyn! We only did a bus tour of Brooklyn, and of Chinatown, I wanna visit there too! Highlights: how easy it is to find your way around! I have never felt so secure in a city to be honest, walking home alone at night with my mam I felt a lot safer than I thought I would, and seeing The Lion King, something I've always wanted to see in a big theatre.

Have you visited any of these places? What did you think of them and what were your highlights? Anywhere you'd like to visit again? Tell me in the comments, the sun is inspiring me to think of travelling! xo


  1. It's such a shame to say that in my 23 years of living, I've never gone abroad. In fact, I've only boarded a plane once. It was a local trip to another province in my country. It's always been my dream to visit places like Paris and New York, but the traveling cost is too much for me. Haha... I'm still crossing my fingers, though.

    Please take a lot of pictures when you go! (And by a lot, I mean like LOTS AND LOTS OF THEM. I want to see!)

    Love, Dara

  2. Oh that is a shame! Seeing different places is such a wonderful experience! My best friend has never been abroad and I can't wait to see him on a plane for the first time! You will get to those places one day, you can make it happen! :D

    Don't worry I will hehe ;) xo

  3. I've only been to Paris and Madrid from your list and love Paris, although I was underwhelmed by Madrid. There are so many places I want to go back to but also there are so many places on my travel wishlist that I rarely go back to somewhere I've been before.

  4. I could leave Paris, I'm really not that much of a fan. Kris and I are planning to go to New York for Christmas and hopefully explore a little of New York state too.

    I would definitely like to explore Spain, I haven't had a chance to go there.

    If I had to pick a place (or two) to revisit, I pick Budapest and Berlin off the top of my head :)

  5. Wow you've been loads of places. I'd definitely recommend the north of Italy where I went last summer. We went to Lake Garda and had visits to Verona and Venice. Also I recommend the south of France where I was last week. Paris is great too!

    I'd love to go to Spain!!!


  6. The places on your list are Amazing. I Love New York! I really want to go back! ^_^
    Jade x

  7. Paris seems to only be loved or hated haha :P I found Madrid so fun and cultural! To be fair, I was there on an art/history trip and we crammed a lot into four days :) same I have too many new places to visit, but I thought it was nice to share this!

  8. Paris is a love it or hate it kinda place I think, I just hardly remember it and want to do it without the constraints of being 11 and with teachers haha. New York is awesome, you'll love it! Ah we might both be in America at the same time if I'm back in Florida at the same time you are in NY!

    I want to explore much more of Spain, my friend keeps telling me about a really lovely, cheap place where it's great to just save up and go and live there for a bit, i'll find out what it's called...

    I've heard lots of good things about Budapest! Dying to go there too!

  9. I've been very lucky that my parents like holidays and my school took us on a couple of trips :) ah I've never been to Italy! I really want to go to Venice! And the south of France, my sister's been to the South but everywhere I've been is in the North, it'll be my third time back there this summer! xo

  10. Aw thanks! :D oh me too, I just don't think NY is somewhere I could only visit once in my lifetime!

  11. I know what you meaan!!! I feel it to!
    Jade x