Friday, 6 February 2015

OOTD || pastel sweater and space necklace

pastel sweater - charity shop || cnd leggings - Topshop (very old) || planet choker necklace - vintage fair

So I have my camera back... but I'm still taking mirror selfies. It's been pretty full on again since we came back to uni after Christmas and me and my photographer housemate are finding it hard to fit it in. I'm also super ill at the moment, I've had a cough for like six/seven weeks now and it's draining me. I finally went to the Drs and was prescribed antibiotics, last ditch attempt to shift this cough. Hopefully they work!

Like I keep saying I just live in leggings and baggy sweaters. So so comfy and warm, and because they are printed and cute colours they kinda look like I made an effort...!

Please 'scuse how dirty the mirror is aha. Hope you guys don't mind the mirror selfies and can still enjoy the posts! xo


  1. Such a cute necklace, love that.
    I saw on twitter that you've been poorly, hope you feel better soon

  2. Hope you get better soon :)
    Love cosy outfits like this!

  3. Cosy outfits are definitely a plus! I love your necklace :D
    Jade x

  4. Thank you :) yeh I've had a fever :( thank you, I'm feeling a bit better now! xo

  5. Starting to, thanks Ellen! Me too, it's so cold i won't wear anything else haha! xo

  6. Being comfy is my number one priority haha! Thank you :D xo

  7. I'm glad. :) Yeah I kind of wish the sun showed its face!

  8. Don't you have any leggings that aren't garish and in your face?! ;)

    I kid, I like comfy and cosy!

  9. HAH no...
    I took more photos and then afterwards realised I was wearing the same sweater just with different patterned leggings. Any time I wear something different I'm too busy! xo