Saturday, 28 February 2015

Instamonth #February

leopard print || my fave gourmet fish finger sammich & sweet potato fries at The Belle Isle || sudoku leggings
got dressed up and went to a ball || view from Spinnaker tower || Valentine's Day
blue skies, finally! || antibody staining of tadpole embryos || toilet selfie at King Charles

Despite it being the shortest month I feel like I've been non stop in February, which I say in every single instamonth post haha. I guess uni is just busy! I went to my uni's RAG ball which was a masquerade held at Spinnaker tower. It was fun to get dressed up in my glitter jumpsuit but the ball was a tad disappointing, especially the food. We'd bought tickets and were told there'd be options of food, unforch the vegetarian option was a few bits of lettuce with three cherry tomatos cut into halves and two tiny dollops of mozzarella. So there wasn't even a vegan option!! Sorry for going off on that tangent... clearly I have some unresolved feelings about the food there...

I also went to see Jungle with some friends last week at The Pyramids, first time ever to the Pyramids! This month also saw my first visit to Wedgewood Rooms on Albert Road! Can't believe it's taken me this long! I went to see King Charles this week and it was amazing! One of the best live gigs I've ever been to!

I'm so happy the sun is coming out and the skies are blue. The cold makes me really grumpy and angry so I never leave the house. So excited for warmer days!

What have you got up to this month? I'm sorry for not keeping up with all your blogs guys, and not even keeping up with decent posts here but I've been, and still am, swamped with coursework and revision. After next week I'll be able to get back on track.... until my next piece of coursework! I can't wait to catch up with what everyone's been up to :) if you're new here then HI! And my insta is amberloveblog now, not amberlove146 anymore, as I wanted all my social media to be familiar with the blog. If I don't already follow you on insta, let me know your username, I'm always wanting more accounts to follow! xo


  1. Good luck with uni! It may be hard at times but you're going to miss it after you graduate (yes, even those courseworks, I kid you not).

    My insta is darlaoct. Be friends? ;)

    Love, Dara

  2. You seemed to have a pretty decent month like myself! I have been getting busy, too busy for my blog almost with all the exams and stuff I have coming up lately!!! :( But I had a good month! There was Ag week which is a week that my course goes crazy and drinks a lot of alcohol and earns money for charity with various activities. Then I had a great Valentines day, a meal and a boyfriend to spend time with. I had pancakes several times throughout the month also! And I had another random night out last week!


  3. Keep going with the coursework and exams! It'll be over soon!

    That sucks about the food, there's nothing more disappointing than disappointing food...

  4. Thank you! Oh I know I'll miss it :( it's going too fast already!

  5. Same here! Good luck with your exams :) Ag week sounds fun! And V Day, really sounds like you had a great month too :)

  6. Got a week of no coursework next week yay! Then back on it with a week in the lab for genetic engineering, so excited to spend all week in the lab!

    Very disappointing food.