Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Beauty Review || S&G Beauty Sleep Accelerator

I'm on a roll with beauty reviews! Don't expect this all the time though haha, I am just enjoying sharing the skin care I use as I am pretty picky with it so it HAS to be good if I'm gonna like it. And this stuff is soooo nice I thought I'd share it!

It smells amazing. Like I would buy it just for the smell. I wish I could like share the smell through the screen with you right now. Maybe one day. It smells like mangos I think, but clean mangos, 'cos it's a beauty product.

You put this on at night before going to bed, after cleansing or whatever your routine is, if you even have one, we don't judge here. You don't need much which I keep forgetting then there's too much on my face and it feels damp haha. Don't want a damp face.... it feels a tad greasy but I actually like the feel of it, it's a clean, mangoey greasy kinda vibe. Feels good on my face. And feels good in the morning when my skin isn't as dry as when I don't use this overnight.

Overall I'd really recommend it to anyone with dry skin who wants something richer than their daytime moisturizer. It's all soaked in by the morning and I honestly, really notice the difference when I use it. Also, it's cruelty free!

Anyone else tried it? Please tell me one of you has smelled this before at least, isn't it amazing?! So dreamy! Clearly nice smelling products are my weakness (and dead things in my bath are the one thing I can't stand).


  1. OK small question : Is that a stone next to the pot? Or is it chocolate? It's looks like it should be filled with coconut and be one of those coconut/chocolate bites.

    There's no where to buy Soap & Glory products here in Belgium, unless I order online but I really prefer to buy my stuff in the shop. We've almost moved all our stuff over to CF! I use The Body Shop for a few bits of my skin care at the moment. But I know there's the debate on whether you should support them as they are owned my L'oreal (I think)... But in my opinion, for starting out, it's not a terrible choice. It's not so easy trolling websites in French and Dutch to check the brands that I find here. I'd like to only have 100% CF products in the end though. How do you feel about The Body Shop?

  2. If only it was chocolate! It's one of the many conkers I have scattered around my room and the rest of the house - they keep spiders away! Honestly it works, we've had minimal spider attacks since.

    Oh no that sucks! I want to use more S&G products but it's too expensive :( I'd still use Body Shop despite the owner, I use Burt's Bees and I'm pretty sure their owner isn't cruelty free, but profits don't go to animal testing and it's the best lip balm I can find! I'd like to try Body Shop more too, I bought my mam some for Christmas and she loves it. It's still a bit out of my price range though :( I am sticking to Superdrug own brand stuff at the moment, it's so cheap and I've only had one bad experience with a product! :)

  3. I've never heard that before! We don't get too many spiders, but fruit flies, we have loads of them in the summer. Totally unrelated.

    That's what I've been thinking about companies owned by non CF parent companies. The Body Shop is a bit pricey, I agree. I'd like to try out their new Poppy range, but it's at least 10€ for a single product...

    I've not tried to much Superdrug own brand, but I did discover they do international delivery so it might work out cheaper.