Sunday, 11 January 2015

This week happiness is... #26

First day back at uni and seeing all my friends again! The lectures we had were annoyingly dull for a first day back but always good to be back. Oh, and my French lectures were cancelled on Monday evening meaning my day went from seven hours to four, yay!

Watching a truly inspiring documentary called craigslist joe about this guy, joey, who travels across America for thirty days with no money, and a different phone number so he's not in contact with anyone he knows, and he lives purely off craigslist for places to stay, food and things to do. He meets the most amazing, diverse people with beautiful lives and stories, all of them so kind to share their homes with him. It's on Netflix and you should watch it right now. Like now.

Planning my summer! Which will mostly be spent in France but I want to go other places too. I also want to go to a festival again this summer, hopefully Bestival. Must get a job first though...

Feeling excited about my course. I don't care I have an exam in a week and I don't care that exams scare me and used to make me cry. I just don't anymore because what I am revising is so interesting and I'm just like "look at all this cool shit I know!" 'cos it is such cool shit.

Making yummy pasta and salmon.

Buying a cactus, finally! I've been fixated on having one for so long

Hope you've all had a good week guys. I feel pretty speechless about what happened in Paris and what happened in Nigeria this week, I have an ache in my heart. Times like this remind me to carry on being the best person I can be and to only bring more positivity and love into the world. It also reminds me to appreciate the life I have and everything in it while I still have it. Life's too unpredictable to get hung up on the little things. If anyone is feeling low or has anything they wanna talk to someone about, don't hesitate to drop me an email or tweet! Peace and love xo


  1. I'm still not back in Uni yet. I won't be back until January 19th, meaning I've had 5 weeks off. Great holidays in Ireland hahaha. :) But I'm dying to be back!

    I should probably plan my summer also because I am not looking forward to the boredom I will definitely be feeling then. I wonder what shenanigans you'll get up to. :)

    Also, best of luck in your exams. I'm sure you'll be fine :)


  2. I went back to school this week and I feel ya on 'dull'! That documentary sounds amazing, as does pasta & salmon <3 Cute cactus!
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  3. Aw wow such a long holiday so nice! True, I was so excited to come back to Portsmouth! I hate being bored over summer so this placement will be perfect for me! Thank you sweet, I hope so! xo

  4. Erghh sucks so much bless you, I am glad I'm not still in school though hehe :P it is you should deffo give it a watch if you can, it's on netflix :) so heartwarming! xo

  5. I'm so sick of the holidays though and want to be back. I'm really going to have to sort a job or something out. :)
    Also yeah you will be fine :)

  6. Ah yeh fairs, I was dying to come back to Portsmouth, not to the heaps of work though haha! Keep me updated on the job hunting, I've applied to a laundrette and pizza express this week haha, fingers crossed for pizza express ;) xo

  7. A summer in France sounds super exciting! Good luck with your exam!

  8. I can't wait! Longest I'll have been abroad, except for living in Ireland, but yay! Thank you :) xo

  9. I'll be in Nantes! And then I am hopefully off to Amsterdam for a bit, maybe a stop off in Belgium along the way will be necessary ;)

  10. Where about will you be heading? Close to the Belgian border ;)