Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Page 3 is Still Sexist

I hate to be a party pooper/rain on your parade etc etc I know lots of people are celebrating this "victory" over The Sun. Which if you haven't heard is that page 3 is no more! Except it is, the girls are just wearing bras now and so covering up their nipples. Which quite obviously contradicts the feminist campaign "free the nipple". And that's just for starters.

Women are judged and shamed for breastfeeding. They are shunned to grotty toilets or the corner, like feeding a baby is shameful, like we should hide our natural bodies. We are told to cover up when we wear low cut tops, or short skirts. Called sluts for having boobs that are "too" big, whatever the hell that means. Yet, when those boobs belong to someone who is considered "hot" by the male audience and newspaper editors then they need to be on show, they need to be appreciated. It's a bit contradictory isn't it? No go away boobs we don't want to see you you are shameful! Oh boobs on page 3 how wonderful oh yay! Errr... you can't have it both ways.

...Which they apparently seem to have realised as they put bras on these "hotter" boobs. It's like they made the link between the two, as many others have, and decided "well we can't be telling them to cover up, but calling those against page three prudes..." and then concluding that covering up the boob is the best option. Noticed how none of these decisions were women? None of these decisions are being made by women who believe in equality. The way our bodies are being displayed and portrayed is still being decided by those in our society who do not see women as fit to rule their own bodies, or make their own decisions.

Feminists want equality, so we want women to be able to make decisions about their own bodies, just like men are able to. This situation is just one of the many ways in which women's bodies are being ruled by others. You might think that it is their choice, the woman on page three. It probably was her choice, but only because she has the right body, the right look and the right boobs.... according to men anyway.

Another, better article from the same viewpoint as mine is on Vice if you want to read more. After writing this I now realise I gave it the same title as their article... not on purpose and I've left it because it's the most explanatory title! Let me know your thoughts. 

EDIT: So The Sun is printing topless models again after getting everyone to write about them in a big stunt. But they've also brought a lot more attention to the No More Page 3 campaign. Everything I said still stands. For people who think those of us against page three are prudes we are not, we just want to have control over where and when our bodies are displayed.

They are still showing boobs off like oh yay look at these boobs they are amazing and hot... while the pressure on breastfeeding mothers is still there. I'm not sure how we can go about fighting this, others will always twist feminist words to put them in a bad light.

Unforch after all of this drama I've had shit on facebook and a tiny bit on twitter. Although on twitter it was a pathetic "tits are gross and if you have sex you're going to hell" which made me LOL to be honest. It's been a rough few days for me, and that is why I need feminism. So my point of view will be taken as seriously as any man's. So I will not be accused of being emotional and dramatic. So I have the fucking right to not talk to an ex-boyfriend without worrying about being harassed. I'm pretty sure after what I've been put through I have the right to be angry and upset, but in order for people to listen I have to keep my head on straight and keep calm while they are allowed to lose their shit and come up with poorly constructed arguments.

Can you tell I'm a little rattled?


  1. I'm sorry you're getting quite a bit of flak for speaking your mind, don't let that hold you back though!

    Have to admit, I was a little confused and had to read this a few times to work out what you wanted to put across. I also checked out the vice article and I get the gist of what you want to put across. I do agree with the idea that putting doesn't change anything, but you say they are now back to being topless?

    I have never really read The Sun or newspapers in general. I don't even browse new websites, so my knowledge of current worldly happens is pretty much zero. Another reason why I never write, comment on such things.

    For me, the whole page three thing is a bit like this in my head : Umm, naked people aren't news. Why does there have to be a naked person next to the article about some charity event in a town nearby...
    I say naked people, because it wouldn't matter if it was a naked man or naked woman or naked alien. I'd still feel the same. I never understood why we needed a full page spread of a naked person in the newspaper. It doesn't really bring anything to the news, and it's not even an add for underwear, which would at least have some use.

    I don't know if I'm saying something anti feminist or not. It's a balance of usefulness or relatedness - naked people in the newspaper, not related and not useful to actual world news in my opinion

  2. Yeeeaahhh... I didn't word this very well haha. I think I posted this too soon before I'd even got it straight in my head, and I usually don't post when a topic is so fresh. Yeh The Sun printed another topless girl and were saying "oh thanks for all the free publicity" but then the no more page three campaign can say the same thing haha.

    Your point of view is the most logical one I've heard 'cos it's true! Naked ain't news, that should be the new campaign title haha!

    Your not saying anything anti-feminist, even if you were it's fine 'cos it's your own opinion and your open to reading others too which I totally appreciate!

    I think overall the issue for me is the double standards, women are shunned for breastfeeding, are told what not to wear in case we "distract" the men told to cover up to be respectful, but then printing boobs in a newspaper is OK simply because men want it to look at. To me it makes no sense at all when there are so many arguments against it that all work out!

  3. Ahh The Sun... it's a strange newspaper. Although, in some ways I can and can't believe they did that.
    I think "naked ain't news" would work as a great chant. "Naked ain't new! Naked ain't new" "What do we want?... News in a pants suit".

    There's definitely some double standards going on. That's for sure.