Friday, 23 January 2015

7 Facts About Me & 15 Favourite Blogs || The Versatile Blogger Award

...and possibly the longest title I've ever written...

Haven't done something like this in a while! I generally don't do tag posts 'cos I have so many other things to write about I find them a distraction. But this one is sweet 'cos you share seven facts about yourself, something I haven't posted much before. I think I did a 5 facts about me post but I can't even remember if I published it... (I feel so bad admitting that to you)! I was nominated to do this by Maeve of Thrift o'Clock, go and read her seven facts!

You also share fifteen of your favourite blogs, so either they can do this too, or if not at least I will have shared some blogs for you all to read :) I also have a blog roll which to be honest probably isn't longer than fifteen... but I have found new favourite blogs since I last updated it so I am going to share the blogs I love that I have only started following recently... (and some others old favourites...)

And now seven facts about me... (I'll try and make them interesting, I swear)

.I have three scars. Two old one new. 

.I have always been, and always will be, obsessed with Cats! the musical.

.I don't drink Malibu anymore.

.I do drink white wine spritzers though.

.I just spent my £15 Argos voucher on new bed sheets.

.The Clash are probably my favourite band.

.I don't like courgettes and believe they are the food of the devil.

If I tagged you then go for it! But I understand it's not everyone's cup of tea :) I look forward to reading if anyone does though! xo


  1. Awh I am so happy to be nominated! I will definitely give it a go! It'll be quite the task to find 15 bloggers who haven't been nominated already though! I have a permanent scar on my belly!


  2. Aw thanks for including me! And yes, courgettes are gross.. my mum chops them up really small into dinners she makes to try and trick me and my brother aha!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  3. Thank you for the mention :-) It's weird because you were actually one of the first blogs I stumbled upon on bloglovin and actually ended up following ages ago when I started mine! I agree with your choice not to drink Malibu *pulls disgusted face* me and my friend always rely on the rosé + lemonade combo before a night out now, obviously a typical and reliable student drink, awful for hangovers but at least we get to feel slightly more upper class haha!

  4. Yay! :D Haha I know what you mean, I just listed the blogs I'm really loving recently and reading now :) xo

  5. Of course :D love your style so much, always look to your blog for inspiration now! Oh my stars I could not deal with that! My mam was worse though, after deciding to be vegetarian when I was 11 she carried on feeding me beef soup and told me it was just "beef flavour" but was vegetarian. I have no idea how I was dumb enough to believe her ahaha xo

  6. Aw sweet! So glad I clicked onto your blog when I did :D
    My fifteen year old self was all weird and into strong drinks and thought wine was for old people. Guess I'm old now 'cos it's what I drink too hehe :P xo

  7. Wooo so happy to see you did this & are spreading the blogger love! ^.^
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  8. Wooo I'm a fav! I like being a fav!

    I don't drink Gin anymore...
    I'd totally spend an Argos gift card on bed sheets too!

  9. That's exactly what I did. :)

  10. I posted this on Thursday, I love these kinds of posts because it let's me find out more about the person behind the blog! wonderful facts :) x

  11. Thank you again for nominating me :D xo

  12. They're grey and checkered. Boring and functional. Just how I like my bed sheets.

  13. Thank you :) I like these posts too, I'll go have a read of yours now! xo