Sunday, 28 December 2014

This week happiness is...

Pic is from last week when I went to the Christmas markets in Birmingham but I really wanted to share one of the very few photos we took! Again, taken by my awesome housemate.

Christmas. Obvs. And everything about it! Gonna be hard for this to not be a totally Christmas filled post haha...

Once again, smashing last months page views! I've been working on my blog so much harder and it's paying off. The most important thing is that I am so proud of myself for sticking at this and for teaching myself a whole set of useful skills through this hobby.

Really enjoying twitter chats this week, even more than usual, and talking to some seriously awesome people. My one goal for 2015 is to be even more social with other bloggers and I seem to be getting a head start, you are all lovely people!

All the comments and chatting to you guys in the comments. I know I am being so mushy about blogging right now, but it's been a good week for properly chatting to you, and like I keep saying, that is my favourite part about all this - the people that I am getting to know.

Going to visit some cousins and family of mine for lunch and card games. I finally got to meet my cousin's baba too! He's just the cutest little squish!

White wine spritzers. I've been enjoying proper nice wine at home with my family, instead of the nasty cheap stuff students buy to get drunk. Which I rarely even drink anymore, I've deffo had my fill of that.

Feeling pretty overwhelmed by how generous my family are. I'd asked them to just donate the money they'd usually spend on me to charity, especially because I can't afford to spend as much on them or donate as much as I'd like to charity. They still bought me presents and I actually nearly cried receiving some of them, I wasn't expecting them at all! And seeing the presents they'd all bought each other made me feel all warm too!

How happy my fam was with the presents I'd bought them! I managed pretty well this year, buying thoughtful gifts without spending too much. I'm actually pretty proud of myself! And I was so excited when they were opening what I'd bought them!!

Spending boxing day with my grandparents and getting to eat dinner all over again! Also, a new edition of Pass the Bomb - best game ever!

Sorry for all the exclamation marks in this post...obviously I'm a bit over-excited haha. How was your week? Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, tell me other good bits about your week? Or do tell me the Christmassy bits! What was the best though?

amber x 


  1. I'm glad blogging has been going to well, hurrah. Sounds like you've had a great Christmas and I'm glad you ended up getting a few surprises, though it was lovely of you to ask them to donate.

    What on earth is pass the bomb?

    Corinne x

  2. Thank you love :D ahah, pass the bomb is the greatest game ever! It's a word game where you have different rules and categories based on the card you pick up, and then you pass around a ticking bomb and each person has to say a new word before they can pass the bomb on, and whoever is holding it when it goes off has to keep that card, whoever has the most cards at the end loses :P my grandma gets so competitive bless her :'D xo

  3. Congrats on getting those page views! I think next year is going to be a good year for blogging, I'm looking forward to getting back into after my little break!

    Sounds like an awesome week for you! We did a lot of travelling around Belgium with the family and then we had a good bye dinner with friends before they head off to Australia!