Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Traditions

Every year for a long time, probably since we moved back to England, it's been just the four of us on Christmas day. No one is allowed to come over, no one is allowed to leave. It's a hibernation day, we don't even go out for a walk! Most of the day is spent relaxing, eating chocolate, watching a movie, and reading.

When we were very young, we'd get one, maybe two presents from Mam and Dad, wrapped under the tree. The rest, from Santa, were left on the sofas. Unwrapped just laid out nicely for us to find! As we got older, more presents appeared under the tree and fewer on the sofa... my theory is that my parents are too lazy to wrap all the presents and that's why 'Santa' doesn't wrap them! We still get a few presents from Santa, which is kind of him, even mam and dad get a few bits from him too. Because Santa doesn't wrap presents (when I was a child I never understood why he wrapped all my friends presents and not mine) they are obviously right there when we wake up so we err... "open" them? And check out what the others got too! It's usually a lot of chocolate and my sister and I always get a new book each to spend the day reading.

My parents spend virtually all day cooking the dinner, Dad makes Terry the Turkey jokes which I don't laugh at and we sit down for a late lunch sort of thing. Even though it is only the four of us, it's a big deal and we have a tablecloth laid out and candles. It's really special that we prolong this meal and all eat together, as we rarely do the rest of the year. We usually end up eating at about three and staying at the table until at least half four.

After dinner we all open presents under the tree, from each other and family and friends. I always have to crawl under the tree and pull out everything, apparently because I'm the smallest and the only one who'll fit but I'm thinking it's 'cos I was the only volunteer... We also take turns to open them so we can show each other what we get and so we can really thank each other too. We do this in age order, I don't even know why haha, that's just the way it's always been. My Dad always dresses himself up in as many of his presents as he can, even if they are not wearable presents and ends up hidden under everything with just his cracker hat showing!

After opening presents, we clear up and put things away, and snuggle up for more reading and chatting. In the evening/night time we always watch Christmas TV and specials and eat all the chocolate. Then we all toddle off to bed full of food to get a good sleep before my Grandparents come round for Boxing Day and we have the whole Christmas dinner again!

Writing this has made me so excited for Christmas! I love our family traditions and spending a whole, uninterrupted day with three of my favourite people! If you're reading this fam, don't let it go to your heads...  I said at the start I like learning of other traditions, tell me what yours are? Are you strict with traditions, or do plans change each year? If you've written a similar post please link me to it in the comments!

amber x 


  1. Aw this sounds lovely, I always like hearing about peoples Christmas traditions! As we are quite the cross countries family, we never really have a traditional Christmas, some years I'm at my grandparents in Manchester (like this one) but sometimes when we lived in NZ we went out for dinner to a hotel then to the beach on Christmas, or this year my parents and sister are going to the great barrier reef! As long as I get to chill with the fam and eat a lot of food then I'm happy :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  2. Me too! Can't wait to see people's Christmas day posts :') oh wow beach sounds lovely, so does great barrier reef! What awesome Christmasses! I'm the same, as long as I am around people I love and have good food, and can relax for the day, I am super happy :D xo

  3. It's such a nice way to spend Christmas and not have to worry about trying to get to somewhere :) for some reason we still get up early! my younger sister, she's 15 though, wakes us up so early still haha she loves Christmas :') thanks love, hope you had a great day! xo

  4. Love hearing about other people's little traditions! I think it's so nice that this period is the one time in the year when families come together and celebrate :) I really like your tradition of receiving books to read too, Christmas is the perfect time for reading!

    fabuleuse, toujours ♥

  5. Me too :) I had so many books to get through this year I have three on the go at the mo! xo

  6. Ahh your Christmas day sounds really lovely! I hope you had a great day.

    Kris and I don't really have any traditions, although we've had a really tree two years in a row, so that could be the start of it! My family never had traditions either... you can see, I had a very neglected childhood where Christmas was involved ;)

  7. Awh I really am excited for Christmas tomorrow too!! :) It was lovely to read this post. I always have a similar situation on Christmas where it is just us at home and we do not leave at all and the majority of the day is spent cooking. We always used to get up early and open our presents before dinner though :) I really hope you have a good one this year. :)