Sunday, 5 March 2017

Happiness Lately

1. Valentine's Day pizza! I was going to order pizza as a surprise for me and M, lucky I didn't because he came home from work with two GIANT VEGAN CHEESY PIZZAS!! They were divine and actually took us about three days to eat!

2. Forgotten packages... I seem to be forgetting a lot lately, work is frazzling my brain. Anyway, I was sent these beautiful earrings by Bhagatjewels, an Etsy shop run by Sunita Singh. Everything is handmade, everything is unique, I will 100% be buying from here in the future. I love how many different options there are available, you deffo need to have a browse. And they are really decent quality, I've been wearing these more than any other earrings lately as they're comfy but not boring!

3. Hard work rewarded with a bottle of wine from my boss. Homework for the weekend: wine tasting!

4. Family visiting. My aunt, uncle, and their little rugrats were over from Ireland staying at my parents'. They're growing up too fast! Soon the oldest will have his first holy communion - I remember mine! And one of M's brothers has been down to stay at the flat for a few days too.

5. Shopping and treating myself. I ordered some new clothes in the ASOS sale, snagged a dank coat for £20, its black and pastel pink. My skin has been terrible lately so I picked up a few bits in Lush including a face mask which I'm currently wearing. It's so nice and cooling, waking me up for the chores that need doing this lazy Sunday! 

What's been making you happy lately? 😊

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