Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Instamonth #January2017

Life still feels so floopy at the mo, I really need everything to settle down a bit! I was going to post this earlier, when it was still January... buuut my brain decided to fuck with me and it's been rough lately so I kinda let everything slide.

Life isn't bad, life is pretty great really. So I keep beating myself up over falling apart. That's mental illness for you I guess. No matter how amazing your life is, mental health can fuck with you no matter what.
Mornings in the new flat | falafel wraps for lunch | long socks out again
My poor broken down car | I love leopard print | sunrise in Portsmouth 
Vinyl love | vegan pie and mash | frothy milky coffee

January felt like the longest month. So. Much. Happened. 

We moved into our flat right before New Years and are still settling in. We have the basics but keep realising we're missing ALL THE USEFUL THINGS! Like a sieve, or a sofa... 

As if I didn't have enough on my mind, ALL THE CAR DRAMA happened. All in the same fucking week. First, I hit a deer with my car which was fucking terrifying and I cried. The deer was fine, my nerves and car were not.  Later that week, the motor for my windscreen wipers decided to stop working in the middle of the snowstorm. I got soaked in snow trying to fix them, in the end a pick up truck came and saved me and my car and drove us aaallll the way home. 

I would have thought that that week would have made me lose it and spiral into negativity again, but somehow not, I brushed it off as life and carried on. There's no rhyme or reason to mental illnesses.

M and I went back to Portsmouth for a weekend, cramming everything we could into one day. We went back to our fave ever food place, Pie and Vinyl. They do the best vegan pies omg I was almost in tears I was so happy in that quirky, steamy little hodge podge room! We also snuck back into the student union for a couple of cheap pints with our still-in-date student cards! We caught up with our old housemate and best pal for a quick drink at a pub, then went to a house party for another pal's birthday, phew!

I'm trying to blog consistently, I swear, but work is getting busier every day, I don't usually feel like sitting at a computer screen when I come home too. Maybe when I have somewhere to sit that isn't in bed or the floor I'll feel more productive. Maybe.

How have you been lately?

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