Thursday, 12 January 2017

Instamonth #December2016

Anyone out there? I know its been almost a month but adulting is busy! If you follow me on twitter or Instagram you might know I moved into a flat with my boyfriend over Christmas, exciting shit! We haven't had internet, and I've been ill for like two weeks so just haven't felt up to or really been able to blog.

Personal posts are getting harder to write, I don't know why, I used to babble on about the most mundane things! I'm struggling with words so much and keep second guessing myself, comparing myself to others, and re-writing everything. I don't really feel like I'm bringing anything useful or entertaining into the world with my blog. Basically - what's the point?

I like consistency though, so you're still getting an Instamonth post, even if it is like a month late.
vegan chocolate advent calendar | vegan cupcakes from VBites in Brighton | beautiful Brighton sunset
guess what this is? | Winter Wonderland | Christmas dinner!
festive table decor | vegan white hot chocolate with cinnamon and marshmallows | a message from mam

December was a hectic month, I'm sure it was for everyone! M and I also took a short trip to Brighton, stayed in a hotel, drank our way through many pubs, and ate a fuck-load of vegan munch. We went to a place called Purezza on the first night, a vegan pizza place. It was our first time to a fully vegan restaurant! We could eat everything on the menu! Well, nearly everything, as M is allergic to nuts... but still!

We had mulled wine, olives, and cheesy bites to start with, which were basically dough balls with vegan cheese inside! I could eat those cheese balls forever. We both got a pizza and I made the brave silly decision to order the Vulcano pizza. I was kinda insulted when the waiter asked if I was sure 'cos "it's spicy you know" *eye roll* yes sir, that is precisely why I've chosen it. I'm still on that jalapeno hype ya see, since I first tried them at Handmade Burger Co. Anyway, maybe it was a silly idea 'cos my mouth was on fire and I drank too much water and I swear I nearly exploded. M could barely handle a bite of my pizza!

The next day we ended up at the VBites cafe for lunch, in the middle of some intense Christmas shopping. We both had the festive Christmas stuffing burger with sweet potato fries and a milkshake each. Hea-ven. Do you know how hard it is to find a vegan milkshake?! It was all divine and has inspired me to try and recreate the stuffing burger 'cos it was the best burger I've ever had, yes, ever.

The cafe has a lil shop downstairs too so we bought some vegan mayo, squirty cream, and chili chocolates for my dad. We also bought two chocolate muffins to go and had them back at the hotel room. We drank our way round as many pubs and bars as we could manage, always choosing mulled something.

We did the same, hopping from bar to bar at Winter Wonderland, consuming all the mulled wine. It was packed as usual, and had security checking bags causing huge queues, which I'd never seen at Winter Wonderland before. It felt weird for M to go home to his family for Christmas after doing lots of Christmassy things together in the run-up.

December was a really good month for food. My mam made me a nut roast from scratch for Christmas dinner! That's a big deal by the way, she never used to cook anything from scratch, she just didn't enjoy it. It was meant to be in a pastry but we forgot the pastry so yes, it looks like stuffing.

So I seem to have babbled like I used to and given you the mooost exciting details of my December, finally. Oh, Christmas was good too, yeh! 

How was your December? 😃 Did you celebrate Christmas or nah?

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