Sunday, 11 December 2016

Christmas Gifts for Your Feminist Friend!

Is it too late now to say sorry post a Christmas gift guide?! If you're anything like me and have barely started Christmas shopping then nope it deffo isn't so fuck it lets do this.

I found everything on Etsy cos Etsy is life and I like supporting small independent businesses, especially those run by badass women. These are quite "in-your-face-feminist" gifts, nothing really for your subtle feminist friend. Is there even such thing as a subtle feminist? Are you really feminist if you're tryna be subtle about it? What's that quote? If you're silent you stand on the side of the oppressor or something along those lines. Yep. Let's not be silent. Let's wear our intersectional feminism on funky quirky pins, badges, and bright tie-dye t-shirts.

  1. Nasty Woman pin - from Nasty Woman Pins

  1. Intersectional badge - from word for word factory

  1. Fight Like a Girl mug - from Munky Make

  1. 'Less shaming more gaming' print - from Kill Joy Designer

  1. 'Trans-inclusive feminism always' badge - from Radical Buttons

  1. 'Fuck the cis-tem' badge - from Faerie Workshop

  1. Joan Little, Feminist Hero Poster - from Fabulously Feminist

  1. Rebel the Unicorn Cat Pin - from riot cakes

  1. 'Leg hair don't care' print - from helzillustrate

  1. 'I'm not sorry about your fragile masculinity' pin - from fairy cakes

  1. Uterus leggings - Feminist Gear

  1. Melanin Babe tie-dye t-shirt - for my melanin babes from Green Box Shop

All of these shops do many other fab items, but I just chose one from each to show off the variety of gifts you could get here! Go and have a good ole' browse of all of them. Yellow Tree Store is another fave of mine, but Laurie sells out so flippin quickly it's hard to get your hands on one of the ceramic beauties. My faves are the vagina vases.  Feltmelons is the same, all sold out at the moment! You might have seen these felt Vaginaments in an article over the last couple of months, the felt vulva baubles have been really popular.

I better get on with it and finish my Christmas shopping... and I assume if you're reading this you probably better too! Cheers to the last minute Christmas club! 

Have you got any suggestions we could add to the list? 😃 

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