Sunday, 6 November 2016

Diary of a Period

Pre-period day
I'm in a grumpy low mood, narrowly avoided a migraine, and have bad back ache so I feel like an old lady. Pre-period seems to be when my mood is worse, at least when I'm actually on I have an excuse... and know it'll be over sooner!

Day 1
Ow fucking ow. Awake early feeling like my uterus is being wrung out like a soggy dishcloth IT FUCKING KILLS. I hate period pain more than anything right now. My legs have gone all tingly and slightly numb which is always uncomfortable.

Went back to sleep and dreamt that I showered and then accidentally got blood all over the kitchen floor and was tryna mop it up while still wearing a towel.... Can't escape it even when I'm asleep! It felt so real, though! Ya know when you get out the shower or bath and cos it's all been blocked off by water then it suddenly wants to come pouring out? #periodprobs

Day 2
Oh, the heavy flow. 

Anyone else hate showering/bathing during their period? Just me? K bye then... Refer to the dream I had on day 1 for why I hate showering on my period. How do you deal with runaway blood after stepping out of the shower? Do those of you using menstrual cups leave them in while in the shower/bath?

I do actually shower, by the way, I just don't like it...

Day 3
I've been feeling super angry the last couple of days which I'm blaming on male contraception studies being halted (wtf?!) and Bono winning a woman of the year award?! Get me off this planet plsssss.

Not sure what this has to do with my period but I'm feeling all the angry feels right now. And why/how is it only day 3?! I feel like I've been on my period FOREVER like hurry up and end already ugh. Going shopping today, though, yay! Might even look out for a menstrual cup as I keep saying I'll get one...

I haven't been eating as much (junk food and everything else) this period, I swear I usually eat more? I haven't had much of an appetite lately. Though I could really do with a fucking pizza.

Day 4
I've lost track. Is this day 4 or day 5? Still didn't buy a menstrual cup even though I've been saying I'll get one for months. I haven't used tampons for ages, just using crappy disposable pads - not good!

Day 5
Finally easing up. Why are my periods so looong?! Been getting awful headaches this whole period and feeling so crappy. Will be glad to be finished this month.

Day 6
It's finally over! Sort of. Just dregs like at the end of a loooong cup of tea. I'm deffo gonna buy a menstrual cup for next month. I need to stop using whatever is in the cupboard 'cos it's usually scented disposable pads, and we know how bad they are for the vulva. And they smell freaking weird. 

This was inspired by Tara's period diary vlogs, check them out if you haven't already. Obvs I don't do vlogging so I thought I'd try writing a period diary. It's not quite the same... I lost track of the days slightly and kind of fizzled off at the end. After the first few days of pure agony there isn't much to report on, I mean, how many times can I really tell you how much pain I'm in before it gets dull?

What do you use for your periods (if you have them), disposable pads, tampons, menstrual cup, or reusable pads? Let me know in the comments! Recommend a menstrual cup I should try too and hopefully I'll have one for next month!


  1. I bloody hate ('scuse the pun) periods!! Such agg, every month. x

    Sick Chick Chic

  2. Love this idea! Great post xo

  3. I know right!? I just feel so drained and wrecked for a whole week every month! xo

  4. Thank you! I'm glad you liked it :) xo

  5. I always get emotional and upset the week before I'm due on, and those first few days are always a bit angsty so I like to curl up with a good book and a hot water bottle. Those pinching, twisting pains are the worst though, ugh, if I could wave a magic wand and get rid of them in an instant it would be great. I've been looking into the menstrual cups too as they seem such a better alternative and the fact they're more sustainable really appeals to me. I've found I've had quite a lot of problems with the scented pads too, they just cause a lot of irritation so I've stopped using them for a while now, but need to switch to something more eco friendly! Loved this post, it's great to see more people discussing periods and different alternatives too. - Tasha

  6. I use a menstrual cup or cloth pads!

  7. This really made me laugh. I think every single female can so relate to this. Showering really does suck at these times of the month, haha.

  8. Me too! I'm nearly on again and have been crying for the tiniest reasons! I still haven't got around to getting a menstrual cup... really ought to this time! I'm glad you loved this post, It's deffo something that needs normalising for some people.

  9. I love your reviews of these products! I'm deffo going to be choosing some soon and giving up the disposables! I keep saying I will but just never get around to it, I will I swear!

  10. Thank you! I'm glad it made you laugh :') it's the bane of my life!

  11. Oh no, that's always the worst! Me too, I need to make the plunge soon and invest in one as I've heard so many good things. Agreed!