Monday, 31 October 2016

Instamonth #October2016

October started really badly for me and isn't ending fantastically but I'm feeling more positive and just trying to see everything as an experience and life lesson. I'm being really vague here, basically, I quit my job. Ya know the one I was sooo excited to tell you I got in last months Instamonth post?! I'm not gonna sit here and bitch about it, because there were aspects of the job I loved, just not enough to make me stick with it.

It turned out to be not quite how I thought it'd be... it started getting quite lonely, despite one team member always checking up on me with a phone call every day! It was a lot of driving, which I knew it would be... I also knew I'd be expected to drive into London at some point. I didn't really expect to do it in my first month and I certainly didn't expect for a London black cab to crash into the side of me. Despite everyone at work being sooo chill about it and telling me it happens all the time (that actually really didn't comfort me, I don't want to be in a job where car crashes are just expected) nothing made me feel OK about it. 

It was affecting my mental health in a really bad way, I was having panic attacks errry day, crying before and after work, in my car at work, in coffee shops in London... I haven't been that bad since the first year of uni! So, I decided to quit sooner rather than later to find something more suited to me. Something with less risk of car crashes!

abandoned house with occupied birdhouse | uterus leggings | creepy vibes at Tilgate park
cocktails & tapas night | work | hygge vibes with HP
Halloween vibes | orange leaves | antique shop

I've been getting my hygge on with candles, blankets, and Harry Potter to cheer myself up, and  I finally gave in and bought something Halloween themed!

I also finally went into the new-ish antique store in my hometown which I've been dying to check out. My hometown is an old Tudor town and the shop is in one of the old little Tudor houses. It's three small stories high, with rickety stairs, uneven floors, and low beamed ceilings.  I was tempted to drop like £120 on a crystal ball or a fossil but I left with just a £1 crystal!

If you're wondering where I got the amazing uterus leggings from that would be from Feminist Gear on Etsy! I was lucky enough to win them in a giveaway on Instagram, but all the pieces are really affordable anyway. Go follow herbnhood on Instagram 'cos she is a wonderful, supportive woman!

I'm so ready for November and the next challenge, whatever that may be. And then it'll be CHRISTMAS and I don't fucking care if you don't wanna hear about it, it's basically only two months away and is one of my favourite ever days of the year. Probably because my family shut ourselves away in the house and eat and relax and ignore all our worries for this one day. Bliss.

What have you been up to this Halloween month? 

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