Friday, 30 September 2016

Instamonth #September2016

This month has been intense. As ya'll probably know I've been job hunting, and I had my first interview at the start of September. Then I was called for a second interview the following week, straight after which I was called and told I got the job! Yaaaay! *Pours wine and parties*.

I've just finished my second week of the job and it's... slightly overwhelming. I'm driving somewhere new every day to visit client sites to do water sampling, temperature audits, all sorts of geeky things to keep water supplies safe! At the moment I'm just a trainee, so following other people around and starting to learn how to do the job. I'm loving what the job entails, but oh my stars, it's so muchhh! So much to learn and take in. I always said I didn't want a boring 9-5 office job though and I got exactly-not-that! 

sunset over the bridge | little moon | strength, judgement, ten of cups
bubble bath | country walks | train lyf
more sunsets | my tarot cards arrived! | cow friends

We went on more countryside walks before I started working. Saw some sunsets, made some cow friends, the usual. Cows are so damn cute how could anyone want to eat them?! I also ordered a deck of tarot cards, the original Rider-Waite deck which is stunning. I'm finding it really helpful to give me a little push and to help me uncover how I'm feeling and to use my intuition. I need lots of practice so if anyone wants to be a practise subject let me know! Or just email me a question for the cards with the subject line "tarot". I'm not promising total clarity like I said, I need practise! 

Now I'm going to enjoy a relaxing weekend off, spending my first paycheck. JK. I'll treat myself to wine or cider then need to climb out of my overdraft hahahahahaha #graduateprobs.

How was your September?

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