Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Instamonth #July2016

Scrolling through everyone else's instas is making me well jeal. Everyone seems to be either on holiday somewhere scorching, or working on some awesome project! I'm pretty in awe of what ya'll can do, but also feeling slightly inadequate. But hey, maybe that's just 'cos my insta game isn't quite as good as others. I don't always know what to post. I still shun the idea of a theme and find insta feeds with similar photos kinda boring... #sorrynotsorry. I prefer colourful feeds, full of life! Which I guess is what I'm trying to do with mine. Embrace the vague lifestyle niche! Which means I can post graduation pics alongside photos of the sky and ugly toads.
sunset || posing for graduation photos || happy selfies
Topshop embroidered jeans & charity shop Fred Perry sneakers || peacock peacocking at Dublin zoo! || the fairytale cottage
Lough Key || homeward bound || toad (or frog?) friend and their baby

I was all over the place again in July. I had some time at home with my family, before heading back down to P-town for M's graduation, at which I basically destroyed my feet wearing chunky heels all freaking day! Worth it though. We had grad ball as well to which I had to wear my new Fred Perry sneakers (£6 from a charity shop, thank youuu very much) 'cos my swollen toe wouldn't fit into my new pretty sandals. Luckily the swelling went down for my graduation so I could wear the pretty shoooes (which you can see in the full photo on my insta). Then we came home and I packed M off on a train to Brum again so I could pack for Ireland. I swear I spend my life packing and living out of suitcases...

We weren't even in Ireland for a week but managed to fit loads in! We went to Termonbarry, and from there visited Lough Key for the first time! It's so beautiful, and more to do than you could fit into one day. We visited family staying at their friends' classic Irish country cottage for fairy treasure hunts, pond paddling, tea drinking, exploring, and stayed for lunch and dinner, eventually warming up by the little stove fire in the living room. It's the cutest cottage which is available to rent on TripAdvisor. We also fitted in Dublin zoo, a lot of Chinese food, and the best Thai food ever.

I'm finally settled back in at home, working on my CV and job hunting, and really not enjoying the weather. Classic British moaner I know but PLEASE GIVE US A WEEK OF SUN *cries*. The good thing about the rain is it draws out my little frog friend and her baby! Or is it a toad? Can anyone tell? Look how cute! I'm really enjoying living back in the countryside, or just outside a little town I guess, we're not quite out in the sticks. I can really tell the difference in the air though, it's fresh and you can smell the trees, unlike Portsmouth which either smelt of salty sea air or stank of shit. Here the air always smells fresh and clean. I'm looking forward to exploring more of the area and getting to know it again. 

What have you been up to this month?

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